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The House on the Gulf

For computer lab!

Eliceli Contreras

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of The House on the Gulf

My favorite book! Journey through 'The House on the Gulf! Main Characters! THE END! There are only a couple main characters in this book! They include Bran (Brandon) which is the older brother, Brit (Brittany) whom is the younger sister, Mom (Becky), and the Marcuses/Marquises! They all play a big part in this book! The Lassiter Family move to Florida so there mother can get a better education. Bran, the older brother, does a job for the Marquises, by house-sitting! The Marquises go to New York for the summer and the Lassiters move in! Are they supposed to be in there? Is Bran lying? Plot! Gulfstone, Florida! During the Summer! Setting! http://www.webdesign.org/img_articles/16991/image11.jpg
http://geniussquared.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/confused-man.jpg My sources! THAT'S THE END GUYS! I HOPE YOU LIKED MY PREZI! Woops, I was shouting, sorry! I hope you are interested in this book. Make sure you check it out at your local library! The House on the Gulf!
By: Margaret Peterson Haddix Prezi by: Eliceli You'll understand the real name of the Marquises/Marcuses when you read the book! secondary Characters! Mrs. Studly! SO SUSPENSEFUL! PLOT TWIST!

The Marquises/Marcuses are Becky's (mom's) parents?!?!?!? Theme! MYSTERY! You gotta give credit, man! These are all pictures! The rest is all from my pink, squishy brain! Well I think it's pink and squishy!
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