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what are Servant and Served spaces?

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Daleen de Beer

on 14 August 2018

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Transcript of what are Servant and Served spaces?

Examples of servant and served spaces in Louis Kahns work.
What are Servant and Served spaces?
What are Servant and Served spaces??
Examples of servant and served spaces in my final second year design
Stairwells and lifts
Storage spaces
Restrooms and ducts
the exposure of internal mechanics
is generally considered
a modernist architectural concept
, Louis Kahn feels that people should remain ignorant of the functions of the mechanics

Well lets start at the beginning with an architect called Louis Kahn.
An example:
Kahn was born February 20th 1901 in Pärnu, Estonia.
He Studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.
From the start he was interested in architectures
role in social change...
Yale University Art gallery 1953
Richards Medical Research Building
The Salk institute for Biological studies 1959-65
And the creation of the architectural term
Servant and Served Spaces

Khan categorizes his spaces into two major categories:

*servant* and *served* spaces
spaces that are occupied by stairs are primarily different to those that are not
Kahn would displace all the stairs, consolidate them, and separate them from the primary space
Commercial spaces
Living spaces
Living rooms
Servant spaces contain elements in which habitation would be brief or impossible

Served spaces can be freely inhabited and are living spaces, where functions are primarily for people and not systems.
The Trenton Bath house
1st building in which Kahn developed & utilized his concept.
The vertical columns were simply wasted space and Kahn wanted to maximize the functions of all the spaces.
So the columns were hollowed out and a variety functions placed in them, including bathrooms and storage.
The Salk Institute for Biological studies
Kahn takes separation & definition to a degree of explicit hierarchy.
He creates new floors where pipes & exhaust ducts exist.
therefore creating a layered effect.
In addition laboratory spaces are uncluttered with heavy mechanics that would otherwise have been exposed and in Kahns opinion distract the scientists.
"I do not like ducts; I do not like pipes. I hate them really thoroughly, but because I hate them so thoroughly, I feel that they have to be given their place. If I just hated them and took no care, I think they would invade the building and completely destroy it"
Louis Kahn
So perhaps servant and served spaces can be adjusted depending on what the function of the building is and the preferences of the users based on the designers idea.

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My building consisted of service cores which were used for stairs, storage and bathrooms.
Some more detail...
Some of his major works include
And to be more specific...
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