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Bumping Up Student Outcomes

Linking 'Bump It Up' walls and 'Walls That Teach' to the K-6 Literacy Continuum

Benjamin Eyles

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Bumping Up Student Outcomes

Bump It Up Walls:
Visual reference for students
with explicit quality criteria linked to learning outcomes.
Students are able to critically evaluate their work. Bump It Up Walls allow students to chart their progress towards an end goal. The process Outcomes Used assessment data to place class of Stage 2 students on a cluster from the aspects of writing area of the continuum.

Clusters 8,9,10 & 11 of the Continuum were chosen.

Specific markers from each each cluster were selected and changed into student friendly language with the students. Bump it up walls & learning intentions;

Bump it up walls & learning intentions are linked to provide explicit quality criteria for students.

Using learning intentions helps students develop a picture of what is expected of them from the learning.

“Many pupils do not have such a picture and appear to have become accustomed to receiving classroom teaching as an arbitrary sequence of exercises with no overarching rationale…

When pupils acquire this type of overview, they then become more committed and more effective as learners: their own assessments become an object of discussion with their teachers and with one another…”
Black & Wiliam (1998) P10
Demonstrated improvement in quality of student writing
Students become contributors to their own learning
Encourages self/peer reflection
Able to compare their writing to other levels to  determine how to "bump it up" Outcomes Outcomes What is a Bump It Up Wall?
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