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Francisco Franco

No description

Cristina lopez

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Francisco Franco

Francisco Franco
By: Cristina Tapia & Yulia Cowles
Background Information
Born on December 4, 1896, in El Ferrol, Spain
Died on November 20, 1975, in Madrid, Spain
Education: Infantry Academy At Toledo
Full name: Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teodulo Franco Bahamonde
Father was an officer in the Spanish Naval Administrative Corps.
Previous 4 generations of the Franco's were Naval Officers
Francisco Franco started training at just 14 years old. He graduated 3 years later and was stationed in Spanish Morocco in 1912. While he was there he took control of the Garrison army. That was the start of his military dictatorship. After that he joined the right wing rebellion. Franco was chosen by the nationalist forces to be their head of state.
Rising to power: achieved
Francisco Franco's first step to military dictatorship was when he took control of the garrison Army; in Morocco. He was chosen by the nationalists forces to be their head of state. After this pint in time he kept moving up positions in the Army. He was the youngest captain in the entire Spanish Army. After a few years he became second-in command. Than a few years later he became the commander of the Spanish Foreign Legion. Moving up positions this quickly helped him get lots of respect.
Living under Francisco Franco
It was not the best part of your life. The government was gruesome. His government under his command crushed local traditions. Also before and during the war (WWII), Franco's government executed tens of thousands of "rebels", and imprisoned a quarter of million people. The U.S. and the European Powers viewed him as the last fascist dictator.
Francisco Franco was born in Italy
He was born in El ferrol, Spain.
Francisco's dad was a famous artist, and well known for his painting ;The Shadow Beneath the Tree
His father was an officer in the Spanish Naval Administrative Corps.
Franco's place of death was Madrid, Spain
Thank you
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