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Who Do You Think You Are?

Assignment on Cultures

Sumeeta Bhogal

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Who Do You Think You Are?

Chanan Singh Bhogal Kamlesh Kumari Dalip Kumar Asha Arora Loveleen Pal Baksheesh Bahl Navpreet Bhogal Mansha Dewan Divya Dung Nitesh Arora Karuna Arora Shubhani Pal Pushpit Pal Sahajnit Pal Garima Bahl Yatharth Bahl Sumeeta Bhogal Sunishth Bhogal Ramesh Taneja Naveen Taneja Jyoti Bhogal (Mom) (Dad) Sumeeta Bhogal Sunishth Bhogal Ranjeeta Verma Raunak Verma Upasana Sachdev Naman Sachdev Ayaan Sachdev Makki Di Roti and Sarson da Saag Lassi Kheer Butter Chicken FOOD CLOTHING Lehengas Shararas Salwaar Kameez Ladies Bridal Wear Saris Jewelry Men Punjabi Dhoti Kurta Pajama Sherwani Hindi Punjabi English Arabic Languages LANGUAGE DANCE & MUSIC Miss Pooja Diljit Dosanjh Gippy Grewal Honey Singh Jay Sean Punjabi Singers Impact of Bollywood on my life! Punjabi Dance Forms Bhangra Gidda Jaago Jhatka (sword dance) Jhumar Kikli How This Relates To Me....? DANCE FOR ONENESS (Aunt) (Aunt) (Uncle) (Aunt) (Aunt) (Aunt) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Me) (Brother) (Grandfather) (Grandmother) (Me) (Brother) (Cousin) (Cousin) (Cousin) RELIGION Uniforms Each week the "sevadal" (volunteers) are assigned special duties. The sevadal UNIFORMS Sevadal (volunteers): Each week the volunteers are assigned duties that include, community service, cleaning the bhavan (temple), making langar which literally means providing food to devotees every time there is sangat (spiritual congregations). Ladies: wear a blue salwaar kameez along with a
white dupatta that is worn around the shoulder and waist. Men: wear a formal suit. Their shirt is white,
pants are grey and the coat is dark blue on which the mission's logo is printed. CELEBRATIONS Diwali HOLI Guru Puja Divas Raksha Bandhan Nirankari Samagams GEOGRAPHICAL ORIGIN Multan HOW MY CULTURE HAS AFFECTED ME? How To Make Roti? The Sant Nirankari Mission is neither a religion, nor a denomination of any other religion. The belief is - there is only 'One religion for the whole mankind' and 'One God'. GENETIC FACTOR Singers in my family: - Great grandfather
- Grandfather
- Grandfather's brother
- Grandmother
- Grandmother's younger brother
- Grandmother's youngest brother
- Grandmother's youngest brother's daughter
- Grandmother's youngest brother's son
- Father
- Mother's sister
- Mother's cousin
- Brother
- ME Music for me - blessing or meh! Ghulam Ali - ghazal singer Sufi ...Music is my life, it is what keeps me breathing! Arshdeep Singh Bhogal Raj Kaur Gopal Das Arora Simran Arora (Great Grandfather) (Great Grandmother) (Great Grandmother) (Great Grandfather) Ved Prakash Kaushalya Taneja Shanti Devi Shalu Ram Shashi Dung (Wife) Ashok Arora Rajendra Pal Sanjeev Bahl Jyoti Bhogal (Husband) (Husband) (Husband) (Wife) Nishant Dewan Neha Arora (Husband) (Wife) Navpreet Bhogal Raja Verma Karan Sachdev (Husband) (Husband) (Husband) (Grandfather) (Great Grandfather) (Great Grandfather) (Great Grandmother) (Great Grandmother) Live my life for 7 minutes..... An Introduction COMPARISON OF MY LIFE TO THAT OF MY ANCESTORS: This is my life - the life of Sumeeta Bhogal Pugg MUSIC IS LIFE..
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