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OC Presentation

No description

Sho Okawa

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of OC Presentation

Tatsuya, Sho, Fumitaka Web Services and
Applications I.mi.wa What's Ginger Ossan Rental Q.Do you know What Ossan Rental is? gives new type of Presentation! LIKE THIS! How to use Search Prezi Sign-in (free) Make Presentation That's All! Why don't you use Prezi
in your University Life? What's I.mi.wa useful application for learning languages Can learn Japanese, English, French and so on an learn stroke order of a Chinese character
A useful application for learning English Checking the sentences you wrote and correct them A. : It is a new Web service! More Detail! We can “rental” (hire) an “Ossan” by 1000yen (in tax) per an hour. We can have the “Ossan” do anything! * Except something irrlegal 1st:Go to website. *Please search “Ossan Rental”at Mr.Google! 2nd : Choose the Ossan and Put “it” into your shopping About the “Ossan” Name: Takanobu Nishiyama
Age: 45
Job: Pro-Fashion Producer/
University lecturer [Point]
His wife is 27 years old PRICE SYSTEM USER: 1000yen / 1 hour Ossan 700 yen Donation 300 yen His Policy:
“I want to give young people dreams and
share some of my knowledge and experience with young people. ”
!Examples how ossan was used Fashion Consultation Other exmaples Consultation of job hunting
Consultation of matters of love
Consultation of starting a business His Vision Of his business “Ossan Rental” will win the grand prize in the 2013 buzzwords contest

Publishing his book of “Ossan Rental” Why don't you use so cool ossan? It's like an Attraction
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