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No description

Julia Loschinskey

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of ALL ABOUT JULIA

I love...
I love to play with my dogs, be with friends, or be on social media. Some of my favorite apps are Music.ly, SnapChat, Messages, Camera, and Funimate! Those apps are very entertaining to me!!! :P
I have a lot of friends AND besties!! ( sorry if I don't list you, you are still important to me ) [@_@]
Besties/Friends Are...
- Lauren
- Emma
- Gabby
- Hayden
- Christian ( I forgot how to spell your name so do not judge me ) :P
- Josie........ etc................
My Pets...
I have 6 pets. 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 turtle. I have a brown lab, yellow lab, and a beagle. I have a bobcat cat and a black-ish cat ( forgot the type of cat she was )... The turtle is a box turtle. All of the dogs are boys. All of the cats are girls. The turtle is a girl. Brown lab- Kodie. Yellow lab- Michie. Beagle- George. Bobcat cat- Rose. Black-ish cat- Holli. Turtle- Jackie. Michie, George, and Holli started out as stray animals... ;( BUT my family came to the rescue!!!! I love all of my animals!! :)
I am mostly a happy camper, very sensitive but, very lovable!
I love to be with friends. I'm not a big fan of homework but, I will do it when I am forced to... :(
I am a family of 6 so everyone is normally rushing around. There is a lot of fights and disagreements in my family because we all have different opinions.......
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