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WWII Home Front : Women and Minorities.

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on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of WWII Home Front : Women and Minorities.

WWII Home Front : Women and Minorities.
What types of roles did women play in the workforce during WWII ?
Many women kept homes and family under hard conditions
The did jobs that the male workers left behind.
They also got paid 65% less than male workers.
In what ways did the government help recruit women into the workforce ?
What types of roles did women play in the military during WWII ?
Women played a more important role in World War Two than in any other conflict in history.
Women organized blood drives, sold war bonds, promoted victory gardens, and served as air raid wardens, ambulance drivers, cryptographers, entertainers and spies.
More than 300,000 women served in the military not only as as clerks, typists, and nurses, but also as pilots ferrying planes to military bases, parachute packers, radio operators
What Roles did African Americans play In The Workforce?
Besides racial dispute African Americans worked hard in the workforce.
They were needed badly due to shortage of men.
African American suffering and hard work, in industry and in the military, had payed off. On July 26, 1948, President Truman issued Executive Order 9981, establishing equality of treatment and opportunity in the Armed Services. On paper at least, the United States finally had an integrated military.
In what ways did the government recruit Africans Americans to war-related jobs ?
As the war continued, more African Americans were allowed to fight. Eventually 5% of all African American troops saw combat.
There were many african americans enlisted in the military to do various things.
The Government taught african americans the skills necessary for war.
The government started making campaigns, and began a woman's armed service
The campaigns told women that the war would end sooner if more women worked. Women were also warned that if they did not work then a soldier would die, people would call them slackers
As a way to lure young women into the factories, advertisers showed women workers as glamorous and even fashionable. They mentioned that women did not care much about their appearance while at work, but that they were still feminine underneath the dirt.
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