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Tim Walsh and Tommy Saitta W8 Mexican Music

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Debra Goldstein

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Tim Walsh and Tommy Saitta W8 Mexican Music

Famous Music Places
Mexico's Function of Music
Traditional Music
One similarity that Mexican traditional music has in common with American traditional music is that the same 12 notes are used. Another similarity is that the same elements of music are applied. And the final similarity is that many of the same musical instruments are used.
Traditional Instruments
Three traditional instruments are the guitar, the trumpet, and the saxophone.
Mexican Facts
Mexico is located in North America. In total, there are 6 rivers and 30 summits in Mexico. Also, the gulf of Mexico is one of the biggest gulfs in the world. Besides this gulf, there are 4 other bodies of water in Mexico. Mexico also has a federal republic as their governmental system.
Mexican Music
Mexican Hat Dance
The Mexican Ha Dance
El Jarabe Tapatio
Pitch Low
Tempo (speed) Presto
Dynamics (volume) f
Timbre (adjectives) fast, loud, happy
Mexican Musicians
One Mexican musician is Carlos Santana, who was born in Mexico on July 20, 1947, and is still alive today. Also, he played blue-based guitar lines. Another musician is Luis Miguel, who was born in Puerto Rico on April 19, 1970, and is also still alive. He is a singer. And the last musician is Juan Gabriel, who was born in Paracuaro on January 7, 1950 and is still alive today. And, he is also a singer.
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