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No description

janet Enang

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of PPM STRATEGY to the TOP

Starting January 2016


Our Mission As A Church Is To Play A Big Part In The
Restoration Of Lives And Needs Through Our Faith In
Jesus Christ Our Lord
Thank you!
In order to fulfil our visions and be more effective as a church we need to secure a facility to carry out our work. We plan to do this through exercising different forms of fundraisiing ideas and applications for funding.

We have our hearts set on going back to our former property 226 Church road, which is currently occupied by another Christian organisation so we are looking for a leasehold close to our desired destination. We have are currently renting in a school hall and we plan to raise funds to secure a lease by the end of 2016.
To create individuals who have become an embodiment of a Christian
To restore life and hope to those in need, depressed, abused, alone, defeated by the teaching of the word of God that is relevant to each individual
To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every living soul in London and Worldwide
To win souls for Christ, introduce souls to a life where we make Jesus the centre of our choices.
To become a hub for self development for individuals to draw out the truth in their lives and begin developing their gifts and talents, to enable them to walk into their purpose in life.
To bring Gods Love back to our community
To bring back strength to the church and the body of Christ as a whole (Church being that place of finding yourself and getting help amd love, as it should be)
To have anamazing state of the art facility that will help cater to The Church, The Youth, The Children, The Older and Wiser, The Nation.
Outreaches to the homeless, the widows, the orphans, the sick, the less priviledged
To help those that need help in anyway we can or point in the right direction with Love
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