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Different types of slopes

There are 4 different types of slopes. A negative slope. positive slope, undefined slope and no slope.

Darnel Ngiraiwet

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Different types of slopes

Darnel Ngiraiwet Different Types of Slopes Slope describes the steepness of a line. Think about a ski slope. You can either go uphill, downhill, or horizontal (flat) when you ski. Positive Slope What is a slope? Positive slope (when lines go uphill from left to right) Negative Slope -When lines go downhill from left to right Undefined Slope -Undefined slope (when lines are vertical) No slope (Zero) Zero slope (when lines are horizontal) Can you identify all 4 different types of slopes? Summary -A slope describes the steepness of a line.
-There are 4 different types of slope.
*A Negative Slope, * Positive Slope, *Undefined Slope and a *Zero Slope. There are 4 different types of slopes.-Negative, Positive, Undefined and No slope. As you can see, in this picture the
fences of the bleaches is an example of a positive slope
because of it's angle going up. The person running up
the hill is also an example of
positive slope. The angle of the bleachers is different now. This time it's a negative slope because it's going down. The roller is going down from left to right. This is
a negative slope. The pole of the light on the background is vertical so it is undefined slope. The drop zone ride is also
an example of undefined slope because it goes straight up and down vertically. In this case, the fence is horizontally which makes it a Zero or no slope. The tower is going up and down vertically which makes it an Undefined slope. The aircraft taking is a positive slope, because its going up . The tennis net is going right to let horizontally so it makes this a Zero Slope.
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