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No description

Helen Osborne

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Umbrella

Partnerships for Progress, Spotlight
Wednesday 3 July 2013, 15.45

Helen Sheridan, Lead librarian, Widnes Library
Sally Shaw, Lead librarian, Halton Lea Library

Community pathfinders
National Lottery project
Funding awarded by the National Careers Service, via Connexions Merseyside

Focus on developing information services for job seekers and enhancing current offer

Public libraries engaging the community through partnership project work

Grant awarded by the Big Lottery Fund
Emphasis on partnership work and promotion
Developing service for older people
Looking to the future
Developed IT skills provision
Helped to inform priorities of the library 2013-2016 strategy
Success of both projects developing us professionally
Relationships forged with new partners
Increased membership - 300 new members as
a direct result of project events
Increased referrals to other library services, e.g.
housebound delivery service
'I bought a laptop 2 years ago but have been frightened to use it, I've been coming here for a few weeks and can already use email, I can't believe it!
'D enjoyed the tea dance as she rarely gets out of the house and she was pleased you had jam sandwiches as that is all she eats.'
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