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History Of Comedy In Radio/TV/Movies

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Agyei Attakorah

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of History Of Comedy In Radio/TV/Movies

History Of Comedy In Radio/TV/Movies
Radio Comedy
Radio comedy was first introduced in 1929 when Raymond Knight introduced the Cuckoo Hour on NBC. It continued on with Stoopnagle and Budd in 1931 and other radio comedy during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s like Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Judy Canova, Bob Hope, and Red Skeleton to name a few. Radio comedy was once significant throughout the United States but after comedy was transitioned onto movies and television, radio comedy has now only been heard through old time radio enthusiasts and comedy records. Although very few comedy radio shows thrive in the United States, new radio comedies are found throughout the U.K. and Canada, and are constantly being produced.
TV Comedy
Movie Comedy
The first comedy movie was in 1895 and it was slapstick burlesque kind of comedy named, "Watering The Gardener". Next, came more comedy throughout the 1900s, the movie comedy became more detailed and more funny as it went on through films. From the 1895 to the 2000 movies were made from comedy in comics, television, and other humorous things. Movie comedy has been around for about 124 years and will continue to stay around for many generations to come.
Comedy started with plays in theaters from as far back as the 425 BCE.
Today, Comedy can be found in all sorts of entertainment including Radio, Television, and Movies.

Examples Of TV Comedy
Examples Of Radio Comedy
Examples Of Movie Comedy
1920s: The Cuckoo Hour

1930s: Stoopnagle and Budd

1940s: Amos n' Andy

1950s: Hancock's Half Hour

1960s: Just a Minute

1970s: Eric and Ernie's Hall of


November 22, 2002- Friday After Next

November 16, 1990- Home Alone

June 1, 1984- Ghostbusters

February 25, 1977- Slap Shot

July 1, 1965- The Great Race

April 17, 1950-Cheaper by the Dozen

March 1944- Private Hargrove
TV comedy started as many radio programs moved to television, inclusion of sound in TVs also lead comedies to be displayed on TV. Some TV comedies were very successful, while others aired for only months. "I Love Lucy" was a big hit, grabbing the interest of over 44 million fans, while shows like "The Victor Borge Show" barely lasted a year.
1980s: Saturday Night Fry

1990s: Old Harry's Game

2000s: Another Case of Milton

2010s: 4 Extra Stands Up
Amos n' Andy

I Love Lucy
1970: Hee Haw
2005+: Friends, Murphy Brown, Ellen, Everybody Loves Raymond
Stoopnagle and Budd
The Cuckoo Hour
Hancock's Half Hour
In the end it has been realized that
comedy has been influential throughout the
years and has influenced other types of comedies like comedy-dramas and even recreations of original bits. To show you what we mean here is the infamous factory line clip from I Love Lucy which was recreated in shows like Drake & Josh and Family Guy.
The first movie comedy
Watering the Gardener is
Raymond Knight's the
Cuckoo Hour is aired.
The Jack Benny Program is aired on television.
The End!
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