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NFL History

No description

Shawn Groves

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of NFL History

History of The NFL
NFL is Born
In 1920 the American Professional Football Association was created in Canton Ohio. In 1922 the American Professional Football Association changed its name to the National Football League, or the NFL.
In the 1950s professional football finally earned its rightful spot as a major sport. The NFL embraced television, giving fans all across America more of an opportunity to watch the sport.
Rise of the NFL
The 1958 championship game is considered by many to be the most important game in the rise of the NFL. The game drew record audiences and increased the NFL's popularity dramatically at that time.
1958 Championship Game
NFL in the 60's
Today the NFL is the most popular professional sport league in the United States and continues to thrive on all levels.

In 1960 another professional football league called the American Football League, or AFL, was created. Because of the immense popularity of the NFL the second league had to be founded in order to deal with the popularity.
NFL AFL Merger
The NFL and AFL agreed to merge into one league starting in the 1970 season. A result of the merger was the creation of the Super Bowl to determine the "world champion" of pro football.
Jonathan Moreland
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