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Driving Stick Shift!

No description

Vanessa Vital

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Driving Stick Shift!

Vanessa Vital How to Drive Stick! Step One: Know Your Way Around Helpful Tips: The clutch pedal is located at the far left and is used when moving up or down from one gear to another. The clutch is disengaged when the pedal is pushed to the floor.

Neutral is not a gear; it is the absence of gear. When the engine is running in neutral, you can rev up the engine, but you won't go anywhere. Step Three: Starting The Car & Using the Clutch
*Learn the location of and feel of passing through the gears. From the passenger seat, try it with someone else driving the car and operating the clutch.

*Be sure to place the stick all the way into gear, if you stop halfway, you will hear an incredibly unpleasant grinding sound which means your car is not in gear.

*If you have a tachometer, shift around every 15 miles per hour
*Put the car in neutral before starting, or you will jump and stall the car.

*The clutch is the mechanism that allows the gears to transition back and forth smoothly.

*The clutch is the pedal on the left. The brake is in the middle and the gas on the right.


*Popping the clutch: Often at the outset, you will pop the clutch too quickly and stall the car. Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

Example: First gear going steady, clutch in as you come off the gas quickly, then off the clutch slowly while pressing in the gas.

Get those feet and hands used to working together.

Revving high (around 3000 RPM or at 15 mph).
Clutch in and gas off.
Move the shifter smoothly from first to second.
Slowly off the clutch while pushing on the gas.
Completely let your foot off the clutch and gas it up.
Same thing next gear

If you are driving 45 mph in fourth gear and come upon a stop sign ahead:
Push in the clutch and shift down to third while using the brake.
Let the clutch out slowly to avoid high revs.
Next, do it again into second before you stop.
Don't downshift into first! Step Two: Learn The Gears Example:(1st gear 1-15 MPH, 2nd 15-30, 3rd 30-45, etc.). Step Four: Upshifting % Downshifting Why should you know how to drive stick shift? *Emergency's

*To experience a fun way of driving

*Dream Car

*To impress the ladies, and or the men Of course you won't learn how to drive by just reading this PowerPoint, you must practice!

*Practice with an "experienced" driver

*Practice driving out in the country road before driving in a town or city

*Stay calm, it is frustrating at first, but eventually you will get the hang of it!

*Watch videos on how to drive stick, I guarantee it will help!
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