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Middle East and North Africa

No description

Lizz Kelly

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Middle East and North Africa

Middle East and North Africa Geography Cultural Politics Economic Environmental American Exceptionalism Natural Resources Minerals Oil Sulfate
Chromium Gold
Iron Imports and Exports Wheat
Corn Citrus fruits
Oil Industries Growth Industries Dominate Industries Oil Fishing
Information technology Sahara Desert Physical Features Mediterranean Coast
Nile Delta in Egypt
Rivers in Iraq Junior Project Hydrogen based economy Hydrogen Engine Religion Half of the countries are 95% or more Muslim Jewish Christian A lot of minor religions Languages Arabic Persian Turkish Berber Kurdish Over 20 minority languages Cultural Conflicts Suni and Shite Suni Believe Muhammads had four successors Shite believe Ali was his only successor Isreal And Palestine Claim the same territory Richtsmeier Stepper Historical Wars Iraq War Arab Spring Operation Desert Storm Present Day Conflicts Israel Drone War Suni - Shite Cedar Revolution Types of Government Democracy
Constitutional monarchy
Presidential parliamentary democracy Six Day War Syrian Civil War Manama 147074
Al Muḩarraq 97458
Ar Rifā‘ 79550
Dār Kulayb 65466
Madīnat Ḩamad 52718
Madīnat ‘Īsá 38090
Sitrah 37657
Jidd Ḩafş 31735
Al Ḩadd 12797
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