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Gallaudet University

No description

Aleighia Batt

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Gallaudet University

1856 - Amos Kendall donated 2 acres of his land for schools

- Amos went to Congress to get the
Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind

1864 - President Lincoln signed the bill to let the college proceed in offering degrees

1986 - Gallaudet granted university status
What is it?
Up until this point in history there had only been hearing presidents
~ though many deaf people were just as qualified

Elisabeth A. Zinser was chosen as the 7th president

Students started to protest
they had only 4 demands that were to be met to
go peacefully
1.) Zinser be replaced with a deaf person
2.) Jane Spilman must step down as
chairperson of the Board of Trustees
3.) Deaf people make up 51% of the Board
4.) Students and staff wouldn't get in
trouble for protesting

The protests lasted until the end of the week before their demands were met and Dr. I. King Jordan became the first deaf president.
Who is the university named after?
Edward Miner Gallaudet
Gallaudet University
Where is Gallaudet University located?
By: Aleighia Batt
Fun Fact!
Washington, D.C.



- Name changed to
Gallaudet Colleg
e in honor of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

1988 - Deaf President Now movement lead to the first deaf president of the university Dr. I. King Jordan

Around 40 majors are available now
The official mascot for Gallaudet is a Bison!
This just served to prove to the hearing community that deaf people are
as capable
(if not more capable)
to do the things everyone else does. DPN presented the rest of the world with the reality check that it needed.
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