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The Road vs Lord Of The Flies

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Akini Davidson

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of The Road vs Lord Of The Flies

The Road vs Lord Of The Flies
Both Lord of The Flies and The Road use violence, darkness and innocence to enhance the atmosphere of desperation and fear in the novel
Violence/Blood Imagery in the novels
The Road
Darkness In The Road
The Road
Summary of The Road
A boy and a man(father and son) live in post apocalyptic America full of bandits, and must survive among the horrors of the new America. The boy and man( who are never named) must make their way to the South, where they believe it will be warmer and possibly safer. Along the way, the pair encounter many hardships and people who want to hurt them including cannibals, bandits and road agents. They also run into good fortune; finding a bomb shelter stocked with food, and a wise old man named Ely who talks with the man about the future, religion and the memories of the old world. The man however, is progressivley getting more and more ill throughout the course of the book and in the end dies, leaving the boy alone. Three days after his death, a family comes and takes the boy into their family
Lord of the Flies
The Road uses the imagery of violence in many cases in the book to enhance the fear, horror and desperation of the world the pair live in

"What the boy had seen was a charred human infant headless and gutted and blackening on the spit."(McCarthy 168)

This is a display of true desperation and fear, because in normal times, one would not use a head on a stake to scare victims away; only those who have tried everything and are willing to do anything to keep bandits away.

Lord of the Flies is similar; many of the violent scenes are born out of the fear and desperation of the boys' situation
." Kill the beast! Cut its throat! Spill its blood! Now out of the terror rose another desire, thick, urgent ,blind."(168 Golding)
This is also a display of an act which was born out of desperation and fear; the boys don't even stop to check whether or not the creature they are hitting really is the beast because they are so desperate for it to be the beast, and afraid of what would happen if they stopped hitting.
In The Road, darkness is used quite a bit to emphasize fear and negativity. Darkness is used to make scenes more ominous and scary,and it's also carries an negative connotation
"Nights dark beyond darkness and the days more gray than each one than what had gone before"(McCarthy 1)
This is clearly a representation of the dwindling hope humanity feels everyday; the darkness taking over being a symbol of the dwindling hope and creeping desperation
Darkness is also used coupled with negative images to emphasize the negative connotations darkness presents
"Darkness coming fast .Darkness and cold"(McCarthy 80)
The fast approach of the darkness of night also brings the threat of cold; wherever the darkness goes, negative things soon follow
Darkness in Lord of The Flies
In the beginning, the island is light and most events we see are depicted in the daytime. The happier scenes of the kids playing or working when Ralph is in charge and Jack hasn't begun taking over all take place in the daytime.
"There was no light left save that of the stars"(Golding 102)
This implies that the situation was slowly getting darker and that the boys had not even the dim light of the moon to comfort them after the unsettling and scary conversation of that afternoon.
The Road
In The Road, the boy's innocence and naivety causes him to not be able to think critically and logically. Many of his thoughts or ideas stemmed from strong emotional reaction or fear from situations the pair encounter.
"Cant we help him? Papa?
No. We cant help him.
They went on. The boy was crying"(McCarthy 50)

Although the man was clearly dead and there was no possible way to save him, the boy's innocence caused him to feel desperation for things to be right and for everyone to be okay, even though things cannot always be ok.
Lord of the Flies
The boys in this novel are innocent, and that clouds their judgement; it gets people killed because like the boy from The Road, they act out of pure emotion and fear. For example, Simon's death was a direct result of their desperation, and ear of the Beast. A good example of this is how quickly the boys changed their minds about the beast
" The trouble is: Are there ghosts, Piggy? Or beasts?[...] course there aren't"(Golding 100)
A few pages later however...
. "Sam took up to story[...] 'It was furry. There was something moving behind its head-wings. The beast moved too-'"(Golding 108
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead is a show that shares many similar themes and ideas with both novels.
Hero: Rick Grimes
Wise Prophet : Hershel
Setting: Post Apocalyptic
The Walking Dead
The Road
Hero: The Man
Wise Prophet:
Setting:Post Apocalyptic
Yet the way it utilities violence is completely different; in The Walking Dead, the violence is glorified and is almost the high point of each episode, while the others are used to represent the fear and desperation that come of it
Lord of The Flies
Hero: Ralph
Wise Prophet: Piggy
Setting: Isolated Environment
Is fear a sign of weakness?
Can darkness ever be used for any other connotation than negative?
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