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Padono Malaysia

by KamiPix

Charlie He's

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Padono Malaysia

KamiPix KamiPix Founded in 2008, we all started in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya.

Domain Hosting , Website Designing , Website Consultancy, Website Maintenance, Web Development, Email Hosting, Email Marketing committed to providing excellence in client service.

We are really committed to Quality service, Transparency, Customer Oriented Approach and Client Satisfaction

We, KamiPix develop web based customize software solution and web application including database solution and client/server application. Mission To be a leader and the most successful service company in the information technology and internet service industry. Our motto is simple, nice, and trendy www.padonomalaysia.com About Us Project Description Vision To become the most valuable and recommendable service company in every market we serve and revolution this company to have the strength of a big company combined with the leanness and agility of a small company. The Team Core team:
Syazli Anwar, Designer / Owner
Kamarul Hakim, Co-Founder, Developer
Kamarul Esa, Junior Designer

Additional experts:
Amirul Alex, Photographer
Dindong, Copywriter The website will be designed to the very highest standard and will reflect Padono Malaysia’s established corporate identity

KamiPix will use an open source content management system which will allow you to easily add content

Online marketing campaign using search engine optimization (SEO)

Building up a mailing list of potential and current clients, in order to send a monthly newsletter to them with good news plus special offers. Graphic for Web Sample Webstore for Padono Malaysia eCommerce Give them free shipping, increase the price if they buy over the phone or in the store, just get them there!

We will make sure our keywords reflect the products you company are selling in your shopping cart!

We try to get your current clients to market for you. Offer a coupon or discount if they get someone else to buy your products through your web site.

“Tell a Friend” Create opportunities for people to send your product web site address or product information to a friend from your web site.

Set up an email campaign to a strategic group of perspective clients, inviting them to visit your web site and take advantage of a great offer. eCommerce Buy a mailing list and mail out coupons or fliers to get new clients to visit and buy products from you.

Promote your products and online store at a local trade show or street fair.

Submit a news release about your online store to a local paper or a Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

Promotions. Constantly be putting something “on sale” to get people to come back month after month.

Word of Mouth! Tell everyone about your web site and what it offers. Make sure it is on your business, cards, brochures, and fliers. Be sure to say your URL when you are talking about your business! Time Scale Web Site Hosting and Domain Registration Website Maintenance Budget By just paying RM12000, you can get a complete quick and simple website including domain and hosting registration, and website maintenance throughout the whole year. promoting. how? Give us 10-14 weeks, and you will get what you need ! Brochures Business Cards Thank You KamiPix
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