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Tropical Treats

A Business Plan

Barbara Fumano

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Tropical Treats

Tropical Treats A Business Plan Barbara Weaver The Problem A lack of convenient, healthy foods and snacks in and around Pinellas County The Pain Need healthy alternatives to the fast food world
The Solution Mission- to provide customers with further food options to promote a healthier lifestyle

Value Creation- offer healthy, low fat and low calorie foods

Business Model- revenues will be generated by selling smoothies, bowls, and other healthy snack foods

Marketing Marketing Strategy Taste the Tropics

From 1 to 99 and locals to snowbirds

Marketing tools and promotions

Sales Sales Strategy Good for you and for the whole family

Nothing similar exists

Prospective clients excited
Financial Planning Start-Up Expenses Key start-up expenses totaled $52,010

Net profit of $14,659 for year one Management Team The team will start with 2 members

The organization will be an LLC.

Expansion is expected within a few years time Milestones & Timeline Risk & Exit Strategy Risks: Sales, competition/market, first time business owner

Exit Strategy: Open-market sale

Goal: Precautions against risks Conclusion Overall, Tropical Treats will become a profitable small business, based on the assumptions made.
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