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On My Mind: Poems by Me

No description


on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of On My Mind: Poems by Me

"My Room"
My Room
My Oasis
The Eye of The Storm

My Fortress
Built to exile the others
and push back the world.

My Chaos
Rumpled piles of clothes
Bed thrown apart
(Well organised.)

My Horror
The root of my nightmares
The palace of fear
... and yet I find peace.
On My Mind
"I Am"
I am
Music. Art. Knowledge.
I live for the boardwalks and plane trips.
Compassion, Humor, and Intelligence are important to me.
If you do it right, living once is enough.
I am imperfect,
But this will not stop me from striving for perfection.
I like the rush of winning.
I dislike narcissists.
I also dislike hypocrites. (Wait...)
This is who I am.
Dancing on the pages,
Scrawling down the words,
The pen brings sense to chaos,
Shepherding words to herds.

A gate for new creation
Of life upon the page,
A pen is like filter,
Fishing love from endless rage.
"Ode to Chocolate"
O, sweet fragrant chocolate,
Why do you tempt us so?
The world does truly crave you,
Though they may all deny.
some say you're fat and sugar,
But I know that's not so.
You're fire dancing in my mouth,
Pleasing taste buds so.
You grace the world with beauty,
Attracting young and old,
Then reel them in with sweetness, which no one can resist.
"This Is Just to Say"
Dear Mr. Neighbor,
I'm sorry for your loss.
Cal was sure a splendid bird;
But a line he did cross.

So when you find tomorrow
That your sledgehammer's gone,
I hope you won't point fingers
Or say I did you wrong.

Poetry is an expression of feelings
Poetry is a language in itself
Poetry is a string of beautiful words;
laced together skillfully by a purpose.
Poetry is just like a walk in the park
in the midst of a raging typhoon.
"What is Poetry?"
My I Am poem is a near-complete description of me, condensed into a short poem. In this piece I describe the qualities I look for in people, my favorite quotes, and some things I like and dislike.
In my poem "The Pen," I try to express how a simple thing such as a pen, or any writing tool for that matter, can be a pathway for imagination and ideas impossible to express in any other way. I use personification, like the phrase "Shepherding words to herds," to bring to life my subject.
And though you may be fattening,
Making us obese,
We cry with all our tears joy
When we sense your presence.
So as I tear on dotted lines
and peel back wrapping paper,
My eyes light up in wonder
as I stand before your splendor.

I guess the point I'm making
Is not terribly clear;
Since chocolate cannot be described
Through pencil, word, or ear.
Chocolate is the wonder
which brings us people near.
By Angelina Ziarno
My Cage
Many a time
was I shunned
From the presence of others
into my haven.

My Room
My Oasis
My Fortress
My Chaos
My Horror
My Cage
My Haven
The Eye of The Storm
"Poetry is important. No less than science, it seeks a hold upon reality,
and the closeness of its approach is the test of its success."
- Babette Deutsch
My Ode is a piece of poetry centered on one thing: chocolate. This was, frankly, quite easy to write, seeing as I completely adore chocolate. It is one of my longest poems and, in my mind, one of the most cleverly written. Like in "Pen," I use a lot of personification and imagery to add more dimension to the poem.
In this short, comedically-centered poem, I describe a (fake) past mistake and apologize to my neighbor. I use the rhyme scheme ABCB DEFE to make the piece flow better.
In my poem "My Room," I portray my bedroom as several different things, ranging from a haven to a cage. I use, in every stanza, a metaphor comparing my room to some other place or idea. This pattern comprises the basis of my entire poem.
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