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The Internet : one of the seven wonders by Mike D

seven wonders

Kathy Sides

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of The Internet : one of the seven wonders by Mike D

By Mike D. who made the internet? D.A.R.P.A Defense, Advance, Research, Projects, Agency The Internet : One of the Seven wonders there is only one developed right now
there could be more down the line. you can use other developed internet connections
like firefox, explorer, juno, etc. what is the internet it is a global system to share info through connections. It is full of urls, websites, games, ads, etc. only problem is that it can contain viruses search engines are tools use to look up items and other things. Google and Bing are two of them searching is good for reports on biographies as well as exams too. searching gives you the advandtage to help you understand words and things you dont know but you should search appropiately so your teacher doesn't gripe at you. The Url allows you to go to websites. a website is a place on the internet where info is stored and viewed. it also lets you know what you can link to. there is usually (www. or http//:) at the beginning and a (.net or .com or .gov etc.) at the end . cant always believe everything on the net
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