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Simple ergonomics

Lizandro Antonio Amaya-Guiterrez

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Transcript of Simple ergonomics

How Simple Ergonomics can affect gameplay! My Research
Ergonomics is the study of human’s performance in different environments. One of the significant ways it can help you is it will allow your eyes to strain less because of their comfort in that certain position. The Greek term of ergonomics literally means “natural laws”. Ergonomics can help helm humans comfort zone by sitting in the right environment. In studies it has been shown that comfort is one of the greatest aspects of effectiveness. During the early 1900’s industry started kicking off ergonomics by placing people in a good working conditions. The productivity increased a lot. There was way more but to not waste a bunch of time I will continue on with the prezi! Materials
1. Game console [Ps3, Xbox 360, Wii]
2. A group of friends [four would be great]
3. Game controllers.
4. A Television [HDMI if using Ps3]
5. The game "Call Of Duty: Black ops. Experimental Plan:
I will test to see how a variety of positions affect my gameplay. Hypothesis
I will survive the greatest number of rounds when I am in an upright position, and will do the worst when facing the TV backwards. Procedures
1. Turn on your console. (Ps3, Xbox, or Wii)
2. Put in the game "Call of Duty: Black ops in your system.
3. Turn on your Controller.
4. Load the game.
5. When you get to the menu, click the zombies option.
6. Out of the corresponding options choose the zombies option.
7. Set the map to "kino Der Toten"
8. While the screen is loading, start in an upright position.
9. Play three matches of Zombies while in an upright position.
10. Record the number of rounds you survived.
11.Take a 15 minute break.
12. Start another match on kino Der Toten but this time, face the television backwards. Procedures (cont)
13. Play three games like this.
14. Record the number of rounds survived.
15. Take a 15 minute break.
16. Start a match of Kino Der Toten while leaning on your side.
17. Play three matches while leaning on your side.
18. Record the number of rounds you survived.
19. Take a 15 minute break.
20. Start a match of Kino Der Toten while leaning on your back.
21. Play three games leaning on your back.
22. Record the number of rounds you survived.
23. Take a 15 minute break.
24. Start a match of Kino Der Toten while laying on your stomach.
25. Play three games while on your stomach.
26. Record the number of rounds you survived.
27. Ask four friends to repeat this process.
28. Turn off your console.
29. Wait for your friends to collect their data. Question
How can simple ergonomics affect your gameplay in a variety of ways? Conclusion:
The results of my experimaent was yes, simple ergonomics can influence how well you achieve in a game. When you are in an uncomfortable position you'll not do as well as if so if you applied simple ergonomics. My hypothesis was, that if i was in an upright position, then my data (Rounds Survived) would be the greatest. And if i was facing the TV backwards, then my data would be the worst. My hypothesis turned out to be correct. All of the people that helped me out with my experiment experienced the same outcome. The data was the greatest if they were upright and worst if they were facing the TV backwards. The sources of errors that could have happened would be, somebody had a bad game, which could have a potential to throw in a few outliers, which could shift the data a little. Another error that could happen would be distractions in the surrounding environment during a test. This may not have a huge impact on the experiment but could potentially cause somebody to lose if you aren't a good focuser. Someone could have the volume turned up on their television which could lead to the better or the worse depending on that particular person. Some people do better without sound. But the sound given in this game could lead you to kind of expect where a zombie is located causing you to make it to higher rounds. It truly depends on the person in this type of scenario. The final source of error that i could think of would be if someone's eyes got strained during the experiment which shouldn't happen to often because the experiment requires a 15 minute break in-between 3 trials. The project overall was just as i expected. Yes, if you are a true gamer out there, then you should start using ergonomics to help you do better. Something as simple as how you are sitting could have a huge impact on your gameplay!!! The total averages in the following positions (rounds survived wise)
Sitting in upright position: 16.9
Slouched on back: 12.1
Facing TV backwards: 1.8
On Stomach: 13.3
Laying on side: 13.1
I would like to thank the following people for helping me out during my experiment. Christina Spencer - Allowing us to work in class and supplying world books! Amanda Tackett - Helping guide me through my project in class! Bailey Cochran, Jacob Weatherbee, Hunter Miller, and Christian Sherman - helping run trials during my experiment!
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