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Richard Rodriguez

Vietnam War

bailey rodriguez

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Richard Rodriguez

Richard Rodriguez
The Vietnam War Richard was stationed at Phu Loi, 45 kilometers North of Saigon. Rodriguez's most vivid memory was, at one point he thought he wouldn't be able to come home the three nights he was supposed to. His expierence from the war changed the way he questioned things. For example after coming back in 1970, Richard watched a program on Nixon. When Nixon said we had bombed Vietnam, which there were no bomb records to be had on the bomb site he provided. He may not have had any nicknames throught out the war, but after the war he aquired the name Cyborg. Richard had a best friend through out the war. His name is Tim Mc Dermont, they practically did everything together from traveling on convoys together to leaving the country together. They have had many expierences together. Near death events, they were together. Joyous occasions, they were together. At the time Richard did have a girl he dearly missed. Her name was D'Anna Rodriguez. My grandmother. Richard had one thing that was the luckiest item he thought that kept him alive. His sobriety. Through the war many soldiers did unhealthy drugs and alcohol, From doing this many soldiers were killed from being drunk. Richard never touched any of those risky/dangerous substances. Richard claimed that the hardest task to do was do disobey an order given from commanding officers.There was one instant that gave Rodriguez a difficult decision to make.

One night when Richard was at his post, there was a figure in the distance. Officers ordered to open fire. Richard thought that the person posed no threat, so he remianed stationary. Later on he found out that tha person was an old man searching for his water buffalo. Richard believes that people should know what really happened during the horrible times of the war. After the war he went into the banking business. Got married and had two children Andi and Lorelei Rodriguez. He is now retired and is at the age of sixty-six.
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