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The effect of over-fishing snapper on the food web of a name

No description

Victoria MacDonald

on 11 June 2017

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Transcript of The effect of over-fishing snapper on the food web of a name

Predict- What are changes to the food web from this activity?
Identify- What are we researching?
Overfishing is when you deplete the amount of fish in a body of water by excessive fishing
Describe- What is the activity?
The activity is over-fishing
The reason for over fishing is because it is a food source for millions of people
The activity can be both accidental and on purpose

Evaluate- What is the impact?
We decided that the effect on the food web is moderate
If Snapper became extinct it would be a major effect
Snapper is not a protected species
Outline-Where is this happening?
The specific area where the effect of overfishing occurred is the Great Barrier Reef.
Construct- What is the food web?
The effect of over-fishing snapper on the food web of the Grey Reef Shark in the Great Barrier Reef.
Thank You For Listening!
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Grey Reef Sharks- Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos

Fishy Facts!!
Short and Long term effects
Shot term = immediate effect on food web
Long term = gradual effect on food web
Snapper- Lutjanidae
by Victoria MacDonald and Charlotte Mackey
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