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Blue Rainbow

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Polynesia

by Dori and Lorelei
Polynesia by definition means many islands.
It’s the largest group of islands in Oceania.
Polynesia contains the independent islands of Tonga, New Zealand, Tahiti, Samoa, and Hawaii, (there are more independent islands but those are the most well known)
Most of the islands in Polynesia are not independent.
Polynesia is located in the Pacific Ocean
Polynesia (background)
Physical geography
How physical geography of Polynesia connects to religion
How does where they live affect how they live?
Unique Physical Features
Polynesian cuisine (Hawaiian food)
The physical geography of Polynesia contains many islands, you can barely see them because many are very small. This created many obstacles in the process of inhabiting them.
You can't see any of the Polynesian islands on maps.
There are many volcanoes in Polynesia such as the five in Hawaii which are the Hualalai, the Kilauea, the Kohala, the Mauna Kea, and the Mauna Loa
Polynesia is home to Hawaii which grows many exotic fruits including pineapple, mango, guava, papaya, and passion fruit
Thank You!
As Polynesia is a tropical group of islands, the vegetation is mostly coconut palms.
The climate in Polynesia is warm and humid.
The warm rainy season in Polynesia lasts from November to April and a cool dry season from May to October.
Since the islands are spread throughout the Pacific Ocean the climate varies from time to time depending upon location.
There's a 80-90percentage of humidity.

In Polynesian religion, there are two very important aspects. Mana, or sacred power, and tabu, or sacred prohibitions
They have many creation myths and mythological tales
Many Polynesians have been christian for many centuries
Traditionally they were known as Polytheists

How physical geography of Polynesia connects to culture
- Adapting to the ocean environment.

- They are huge believers in the supernatural.

- Not so much now, but violence was a part as well.
The Polynesian languages are divided into two main languages, Tongic, and Nuclear.Tongic consists of Tongan, Niue, There are also 13 eastern Polynesian languges
The closest members of the Polynesian languages are the Fijian and Rotuman
Polynesian languages, have of 30 languages that are in the Eastern, or Oceanic, branch, Austronesian
The best known Polynesian languages are Tahitian,Maori, and Samoan.
Hawaiian,while thought to be common is only relevant to a few amount of native speakers, but once was spoken by 100,000 people.
A Polynesian language is Malayo-Polynesian
The Polynesian islands vary a lot in their elevation. They are not connected, so they have many different elevations. There are many volcanoes, which are extremely high. There are also many mountains and valleys on the islands.
1778: A man called Captain Cook ends his journey to find Hawaii and decides to name them the Sandwich Islands
Polynesian islands conclude with a big scale of colonization in the 18th and 19th centuries
Polynesian islands conclude with a big scale of colonization in the 18th and 19th centuries. Then Germany, the U.S., Chile, later Australia and New Zealand were vital contributors in the colonization of Polynesia.
Then in then 20th century because of the remoteness in the Pacific ocean the majority of Polynesia, with the exception of Hawaii, went through World War II without any drastic or significant military activity. So real and or big changes didn’t reach the areas exterior Hawaii and New Zealand until after the 1960s and the 70s, this was when Samoa, Tonga, and Tuvalu had the ability to institute themselves as independent states. The rest of the Polynesian islands still remain to be kept as states and dependencies of other countries.
1830s:British missionaries settle in Samoa
1959:Hawaii becomes the 50th state in the USA
There are several main different industries in Polynesia, where jobs are available the most-

Tourism: jobs at hotels, souvenir shops, restaurants

Agriculture: jobs as farmers

Fishing: jobs as fisherman, on boats as a boat crew, in seafood restaurants
Note: Not an accurate representation of a coconut palm. True-to-life examples are located to the right.
How physical geography of Polynesia connects to jobs/industries
I added this because I feel like there's a huge amount to say about this and it could be a great point in our presentation, other than winning over the crowd with food.
I bought the umbrellas! They're shipping and are the most adorable things
One of the biggest industries is fishing, and this connects because they live by the oceans, so naturally it would have to be one of their main food sources. This also affected the history, because when they settled here, it would have been a great seafood resource.
look dori i found a hawaiian muffins recipe that is polynesian that we could do. it looks easy and some other kid used it too as their school project.
The culture of Polynesia revolves around the sea, shipbuilding, and navigating it, because the oceans are all around the islands of Polynesia. If there were no oceans, and it was just a landmass like Ohio, the culture would be completely different.
A belief of the Polynesian religion is that inanimate objects can be animated by natural resources and this has to do with the tropical climate and vegetation.
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How physical geography of Polynesia connects to history
The fact that Polynesian islands are so small explains why much of Polynesia wasn’t colonized or inhabited by anyone till the 18th and 19th century. And since Polynesia is one big mass of tiny islands it explains why it was inhabited later than most of the world .

One of the things we prepared are Haupia cupcakes. Haupia is a Hawaiian coconut pudding that can be used in a variety of dishes. It's made of cornstarch and coconut cream.
On the topic lots of Hawaiian cooks use taro, which is a large plant with broad leaves and has a edible toot, that is in may of their recipes the most popular dish is poi which is a Hawaiian pudding this is made bu mashing it and letting it sit.

Vanilla In Polynesia
Vanilla is huge in Polynesia, and it's one of the main industries. So, we also made vanilla cookies with chocolate chips, for anyone who wants those. They have not touched nuts, but have wheat and dairy.
The towns and villages are spread several miles apart and usually include a church, government house, a school, typical shops, a pastors home and some/ a few residences/ homes. Most contemporary rural houses are made of concrete located in a yard that has shading of fruit trees. There are also a separate kitchen made from their traditional materials like palms and bamboo.
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