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Batman Begins: The Heroes Journey

No description

Owen Sieffert

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Batman Begins: The Heroes Journey

B A T M A N B E G I N S Bruce Wayne (Batman) The Hero: Billionaire owner of Wayne Enterprises decides to take
Gotham City's increasing crime into his own hands. Setting Gotham City Bhutan Batman Begins is set in Bruce's hometown of Gotham, a fictional American city. The story begins with Bruce in Bhutan. The Call to Adventure Bruce, fighting criminals in Bhutan, is met
in jail, by Henri Ducard, who offers Bruce a
position with the League of Shadows. Ducard
guarantees it will help on the path he has chosen. Ducard Crossing the First Threshold Now released from jail Bruce picks one of the rare flowers and proceeds to climb the mountain towards what he hopes is the League of Shadows. The Belly of the Whale Bruce enters the headquarters of the League of Shadows in the process entering all that is unknown. Supernatural Aid Although not physically supernatural, Alfred, the Wayne family butler, offers wisdom and dedication to Bruce like no one else. Meeting with the Goddess Bruce reunites with his childhood friend Rachel Dawes for whom he has a deep unconditional love. He doesn't know if this feeling is mutual. The Road of Trials Bruce completes his training with the League of Shadows but they insist on him executing an innocent man, Bruce refuses for this goes against his values. As this same moment he learns of Ra's al Ghul's plan to purge Gotham by destroying the city,upon hearing this he escapes by burning down the building, killing Ra's al Ghul, Bruce decides to save Ducard. Bruce returns home to purge Gotham in his own way, as the vigilante Batman. He interrupts the city's crime lords while experiencing a few difficulties with his suit, but with the help of Lucius Fox he refines it, even getting himself a Batmobile. Finally, at his birthday party the real Ra's al Ghul, one Henri Ducard, comes to fulfill his plans for Gotham. He takes the liberty to burn down Wayne Manor repaying Bruce for the burning of his own house. Bruce tries to fight Ra's but is trapped by debris. Fox The Batmobile Apotheosis With the help of Alfred, Bruce escapes the manor. Feeling he let the city down, Alfred encourages Bruce to become more than a hero, to go beyond for his city and values. Atonement with the Father Batman defeats his mentor the evil Ra's al Ghul. Overcoming his mental barriers,with the help of officer Jim Gordon, they thwart the League of Shadows plan to destroy Gotham. Gordon The Ultimate Boon Although his ultimate quest remains to rid Gotham of all crime, his short term goal (defeating Ra's al Ghul) is realized, ridding Gotham of this threat. This is more of a mental boon for Batman. This is also the moment he regains the trust of Rachel. Master of Two Worlds Bruce accepts his place as both a billionaire philanthropist and an almost supernatural being. However he's not certain of which one truly represents himself. Crossing the Return Threshold Wayne Manor sits in ashes but in this moment Bruce feels he has redeemed himself to his family, deciding to rebuild the manor to its former self with a new "wing". Wayne Manor Freedom to Live The death of Ra's al Ghul liberates Bruce Wayne/Batman to pursue his final goal and face new challenges. T H E E N D
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