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John Adams

No description

Jamie Milam

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of John Adams

last sentence
This next paragraph is about John Adams early life
second sentence
He was the first vice president
Last sentence
He lived on a farm in Quincy Massachusetts
First sentence
He was born October 30, 1735
Second sentence
He was the oldest of three children
third sentence
First sentence
October 25,married Abigail Smith his third cousin
Early life
Personal life
John Adams
John Adams one of the
presidents that signed the constitution.
second sentence
John Qincy was his first born child
After that they had 5 more children john adams last words were jefferson survives"
first sentence
At age 16 he got a scolorship to harvard university
second sentence
In 1774 he got elected to a delegation that joined the representatives
last sentence
He was the first vice president
Now that i have told you about john adams early life, personal life, and accomplishments. Did you enjoy my story?
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