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Abstract Expressionism

No description

Shannon Mckone

on 11 January 2017

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Transcript of Abstract Expressionism

Water of the Flowery Mill *Late 1940, Early 1950- began in New York What is Abstract Expressionism A development of abstract art the began in New York *Aimed at expressing emotion through unique styles and techniques Purpose *make painting about using the whole body *express emotions *image not of a specific idea but the creative process *a post world war II art movement Artists Jackson Pollock Arshile Gorky Lavender Mist Willem DeKooning Woman I Clyfford Still D No.1 Franz Kline Mahoning “I have no fears about making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through. It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise, there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well.”
-Jackson Pollock Characteristics of Abstract Expressionism *Messiness, extreme energy *Free application of paint *Dripping, smearing, slathering
and flinging paint *Avoid images of reality *surrealism with emphasis on
abstract creation *emotional intensity Pollock *Known for drip painting technique *Surrealism and Cubism *Mood: Anxiety and Trauma General/Gestural Abstraction *brush strokes reveal the process Color Field Paintings *calm and colorful was the idea *involves intense color Other Works *Lavender Mist
*Autumn Rhythm *influenced by a lot of Mexican
painters whom painted murals *Spanish artist Miro was a huge
inspiration *grew up well but became an
alcoholic and severely depressed DeKooning *known for painting human
figures of women *left a sense of in completion
in his artworks *began in realistic style
but later turned to his creative mind Other Works * All the "Women" paintings *Excavation *A Tree in Napes *solid education on painting
and drawing Gorky known for freely painting washes of color onto canvas *Favored oval splotches *Combined surrealism, cubism,
and expressionism *influenced by Pablo Picasso Other Works "If Picasso drips, I drip... For a long while I was with Cézanne, and now I am with Picasso"- Arshile Gorky *Diary of a Seducer *The term abstract expressionism was first
used in Germany in 1919 Abstract Expressionism *idea was to focus on color and the
relationship between paint and canvas *became less popular in 1960 as pop art began to
become the new kind of artwork Abstract Expressionism
History Influences Date: 1944 Landscape painting based on a study of the old mill and bridge on the Housotonic River. It envokes his trip to Armenia which he flew to with his family. "loving memories of our garden in Armenia's Khorkom haunt me frequently. . . . In my art I often draw our garden and recreate its precious greenery and life." Date: 1950 Dripped layers of paint to create art. He never had a vision just let the painting have a mind of its own. Date: 1950 Basically just an abstract painting of women which was what he liked to do. He said that is was not suppose to be a representation just an abstract painting. Date: 1956 Oil on cavas *the movement is characterized by its
contrast against the impressionist style *To communicate emotions and the subconscious
mind in a more spontaneous way *expressed as "Deep" artwork,
Abstract expressionist strove to
uncover personal feelings through
their artworks *Shaped by surrealism, followed the
general techniques but later created new ones *based around the artists personal inner feelings *A group of artists created a new stylistically
diverse field of work that introduced new forms of art and shifted focus onto more abstract ideas *technique was pouring & dripping thinned paint over canvas on the ground *non objective *every inch of the canvas was part of the artwork *referred to as "action" painting *the art was reflective to create an elemental
impact *the goal was to achieve excellence rather than just a beautiful vision Date: 1956 *The roots lie in the figurative paintings of the 30's *influenced art movements after it's time such as; Pop Art, Neo expressionism, Minimalism etc. Oil on cavas "I never wanted color to be color. I never wanted texture to be texture, or images to become shapes. I wanted them all to fuse together into a living spirit." - Still Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clyfford_Still http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/abex/hd_abex.htm http://www.moma.org/interactives/exhibitions/2010/abexny/ http://www.theartstory.org/movement-abstract-expressionism.htm http://www.arthistoryarchive.com/arthistory/abstractexpressionism/ http://curiosity.discovery.com/question/what-is-abstract-expressionism
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