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My Retirement Portfolio

A couple mutual funds I "chose" and why I chose them.

Sara Ophoff

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of My Retirement Portfolio

Money Portfolio My money Young Old Mutual Funds! The Growth Fund of America Why? Has 9 portfolio counserlors
Has a positive 1 year and 5 year
2.9% - 1 year
2.3% - 5 year
Positive results 30 out of 36 years
International Growth and Income Fund New!
Only been around for a hot second, but so far it's done well ( 18.9%)
Trades just outside the U.S. The Income Fund of America Has 10 portfolio counslors! And they average 28 years in expierience!
Invest in both United States and about 35% outside of the U.S.
Positive results 30 out of 36 years.
Positive 1 year, to year, and lifetime results.
Moral of the Story? Invest in Mutual Funds Sources:
www. gooddedaday.files.wordpress.com
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