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Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8

No description

Sam Dancel

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8

Introduction to Windows Phone 8
Lumia 920
Lumia 820 Amazing Play Day Appetizer Easy-to-use UI: The Windows Phone is easier to use than competitors , which has many home screens and menus. With Lumia with Windows Phones, you can do most important tasks faster and with fewer taps.

Live Tiles: Live Tiles constantly animate with real time updates from people and apps. You can arrange your Start screen just how you want it, and get immediate updates from the most important people in your world.

** Find app updates you need right away with a quick glance to your Start screen. Android and iPhone don’t offer anything like that. With the new additional tile sizes, no two Windows Phones will ever have the same Start screen. Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 THE WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE SMARTPHONE

PureView™ Camera with Optical Image Stabilization
Blur-free capture even with shaky hands in low light
PureMotion HD+™
The best display ever seen on a Smartphone

Nokia Smart Shoot
Perfect capture and instant edits of group pictures

Nokia City Lens
Reveals the world around you

Striking colours and built-in wireless charging NOKIA LUMIA 920 ITS ALWAYS GOOD TO BE ONE STEP AHEAD

Nokia Smart Shoot
Perfect capture and instant edits of group pictures

Nokia City Lens
Reveals the world around you
Colourful Shells
Changeable shells without bulky covers

Striking colours and wireless charging*

*Wireless charging available with wireless charging shells NOKIA LUMIA 820 Knowledge Tester : 30 Second Sell Innovative
: Wireless Charging Pureview :
Shoot Like A Pro People Hub Microsoft
Office Hub ROOM 3 ROOM 2 ROOM 1 Nokia City Lens:
See Through Walls Puremotion HD+ : Experience the Display Experience Topics Thank You.
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