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Mae Jemison

No description

Kameron Martin

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Mae Jemison

Mae Jemison First Black Women in space Born:October 17, 1956
Died;Not dead
Age: 56 Born: October 17,1956
Died:Not dead
Jemison is originally from Decatur Alabama but she and her family moved when she was the age three to Chicago Illinois Basic Information The intro to science At a very young age jemison was intrigued by that of science she learned to make connections to science by studying nature.
"It sounds gross but i was fascinated with pus" jemison said. Once as a child Mae was infected by a splinter and her mother turned that experience into a learning opportunity she ended up doing a hole project on pus.
Jemison refused to let anyone delude her on perusing a carer in science. "In kindergarten my teacher asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up, and i told her a scientist" Mae said "she said 'don't you mean a nurse'" . Other Interest Jemison had another passion a passion fore the arts. At age eleven Mae began dancing, she danced many types from African to Ballet, to jazz and modern and even japanese, she wanted to become a professional dancer.
At age fourteen jemison auditioned for the lead role in 'west side story' as maria she didnt get the part but she did get into the line up as a background dancer.
Mae saw the arts as another outlet for a passion and decided to pursue that passion. later during her senior year in collage she was trying to decide to go to New York Medical or become a professional dancer her mother told her "You can always dance if your a doctor, but you cant doctor if you,re a dancer" Schooling Jemison graduated from Chicago's Morgan Park's High School
Also she then entered Stanford University at age 16
She graduated from Stanford 1977
She received a B.S. in chemical engineering
Jemison obtained her doctor of medicine in 1981 from Cornell Medical College now named Weill Medical College of Cornell University
Then she interned at Los Angles County -USB Medical Center and them later worked as a general practitioner Peace Corps Mae Jemison completed her medical training and joined the staff of Peace Corps
She served as a Peace Corpse medical Officer from 1983 to 1985
She was responsible for the health of Peace Corps volunteers serving in Liberia and Sierra Leone
Jemison work included supervising the pharmacy and laboratory medical staff also providing medical care writing self-care manuals,she also worked with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) NASA Career After NASA Mae Jemison applied for the astronaut program after the flight of Sally Ride in 1983. She was turned down but in 1987 she was accepted on her second application
Before her shuttle actually launched she worked wit NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida she worked on things like computer shuttle software and also launch support
Mae Jemison flew her only space mission from September 12-20 1992. Jemison said the first thing she saw from space was Chicago her hometown
In march 1993 Mae jemison retired from NASA In 1993 founded her own company. Also the fact that jemison is a big Star Trek fan helped her land an appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation
Jemison has also had an run in with the police men of Texas she was pulled over by Nassau Bay, Texas officer Henry Hughes for allegedly making an illegal U-turn and was arrested for a warrant on jemison for speeding charge
Jemison is a Professor-at-Large at Cornell University and was a professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College from 1995 to 2002
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