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Teens in France

Comparing & contrasting cultures from each continent to our American Culture.

Ally Johnson

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Teens in France

Teens in the French Culture Language The Official language is French Minority languages get no Recognition 88% of the population speak it. Education school is very structured, formal, & competitive Teachers place great emphasis on:
philosophy Teachers expect students to:
think clearly
discuss abstract ideas standard high school classes include:
philosophy (france is the only country to make philosophy required to graduate) Teens in France have to do alot of studying (almost a few hours everyday) Once a week the school gives the students a "small" test on everything they learned that week. These "small" tests take up to 2 hours to complete! Once every two weeks the school gives students a BIG test to review everything that they have learned and to check for comprehension. These "BIG" tests takes up to 4 hours to complete! The School System Pre-elementry Primary (1st-5th grade) College (6th-9th grade) Lycree' (10th-12th grade) Classes are in session
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Mornings Students in France get a 2hr lunch break They use this time to just sit back and relax before the next half of the school day some students leave school and go home for lunch with their families Others eat lunch at school While some might enjoy lunch at a small neighborhood bistro It's a requirement for french students to learn 2 Foreign Languages they can choose from
English (of course english is the most Popular.) in 10th grade students have a choice between continuing Lycree' or attending a Vocational School Teens only go to Vocational School if they're pursuing careers in:
Mechanics etc.. While regular school is for students that want to become:
Lawyers etc. Higher Education (University) There are 2 different types of schooling. 1. Public University Unlike here, in America, the cost to attend is FREE Thats only beause France values Education so they make it accessible for everyone. 2. Grande' Ecoles Unlike the Public Universities, these schools are private, which means they cost Money. Some business schools cost around €6,300 - €10,000 euros per year (which converts to $8,000 - $14,300) When compared to America, our private college tuition ranges from $27,000 - $35,000 per year! While in America a Public University here on average cost around $9,000 per year. Just like any other private school around the world, they are more selective about admittance. With an acceptance rate of only 4% Unfortunately the education from the Public schools turns out to be far less prominent than the education you'd get at a private college. (University of the Mediterranean) (Weston Ivy University) Family Life French parents are very involved in their childrens' lives. They help with Homework & they eat together every night Social Etiquette French parents believe social etiquette is just as important as Academics. Etiquette is observed all the time Good Etiquette Bad Etiquette Shaking hands when leaving and arriving Addressing adults with "sir" or "Madame" In the french culture the entire group is more valued than the individual So they all believe that if these social values aren't taught, their society might breakdown and turn into complete chaos Despite all the studying teens do, they do have sometime to hang out. It may not be alot but they make the most of it by: Going to the Movies
Going to concerts
Going shopping
Even just by hanging out at bistros while doing homework The French are highly advanced in household electronics Automatic opening/closing doors Automatic plant watering systems Advanced lighting systems Almost every family has a pet. in France animals are given as gifts 9 out of 10 cats were a gifts Half of all dogs were given as gifts Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds in France The German Shepherd is the most popular breed of Dog Talking back to your parents Being gluttonous and selfish There are two different types of living in France Theres the rural areas filled with wine Vineyards and farm animals Then theres the city living filled with tons of stores and busy streets Families that live on vineyards tend to live in large houses with extended family or their extended family live near by. Families that live in the city are more likely to live in apartments. French Cuisine Each region in France has its own special cuisine Along the Meditterranean sea: they eat alot of seafood In Central France (the city) they eat alot of fruits and vegtables people grow fresh produce on their balconies because its cheaper and healthier In Northern France (the vineyards) they eat more meat dishes people in this area have their own farms with tons of animals Traditional French Meal Apertif (water, soda, or alcohol) Appetizer Main Course Salad Cheese Dessert Digestif (small glass of Brandy or alcohol) (sweet potato canapes) (Fillet of Sole) (Salad Lyonnaise) (Brie & a Sourdough Baguette) (Crepes Suzette) Cheese, Bread, & Wine Oh My! France has over 500 varieties of cheese Its produced on farms, monasteries, and factories i.e Camembert, Roqueforte (cows milk) (aged ewe's milk) Typical corner-store bakeries have 28 types of bread Bread is a very essential part to EVERY french meal. (Baguette) (Pain de Campagne) France has over 400 different varieties of wine Wine is offered at every meal (Cabernet sauvignon) (Pinot Grigio) French Fashion Everybody has a vast knowledge of Fashion Girls devote alot of time to fashion, cosmetics, and hairstyles. They value style and the quality of clothes Since France is the fashion capital of the world, people feel as though they need to imitate what they see on the runways Throughout the city teens are taught to act a certain way Teens are taught to Always present a positive atittude


Walk with a straight back and hold their heads high


Be bold and confident But women in France are held at a higher standard than the men Economy Agriculture
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