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Pros and Cons of Railroads during the Industrial Revolution

Emily Cruz

lisa cruz

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Railroads during the Industrial Revolution

Affects of Rail Roads During the Industrial Revolution By: Emily Cruz Positives fact 1: Positives fact 2: Positives fact 3: Negatives fact 2: Negatives fact 3: Negatives fact 1: Credits! Second, the railroad boom had created hundreds of thousands of jobs for both railroad and mine workers. However, that's not all we still have more to come. The railroads boosted agricultural and fishing industries in not only England, but a lot of other contries around the world. It also made traveling a lot easier, railroads had encouraged country people to take jobs in distant cities. During the railroad boom, jobs have been doubled or even tripled, but it was not all that great, as a matter of fact, there were even more terrible working conditions, such as long, hard hours, and zero occupational safety what so ever. While this was going on, people moving to other cities to acquire jobs, this created large urbanization, which caused major diseases, since the people in the cities were not immune to it. Even though railroads made life a little bit easier, it was hazardous to the environment, and the people, such as the destruction of natural resources, more pollution in the air also affected people causing even more diseases and made it much harder to breather with these conditions. Project credits: Emily Cruz
Research credits go to: Google
Music: Industrial Music Box by Kevin MacLeod
AllHistoricalProductionsInc. The railroads had spurred the Industrial Revolution by giving the manufacturers a very cheap way to transport goods, and other hand made tools. During the Industrial Revolution, there were many positives, including travel, jobs, and many other things, However, things were not always a great as they seem there were just as many negatives as there were positives. Stay tuned for a travel back in the past to see what is was like during this time.
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