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The Life of the Amazing David Smith.

No description

Pete Long

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Life of the Amazing David Smith.

What has David been up to?
David has recently returned from a holiday to Ibiza with the lads.
David also has a season ticket for the premier league.
The Life of the Amazing David Smith.
What David Reads
David reads The Sun for the up-to-date sports pages, (and to check the competition!)
Recently however, David also reads The Metro as his work and lifestyle have him constantly on the go.
According to NRS, the ABC1s are more likely to read the Daily Mail than the Sun, however David's age range are more likely to read the Sun than any other newspaper.
David's Lifestyle
Living in the middle of London, David does not drive and instead uses public transport and rides a bicycle to get to where he is going. If need be, his mates can give him a lift.
What would we advertise to David?
Who is David?
The amazing David is a 24 year old Junior Journalist. (C1) He primarily assists a more experiance journalist with the sports pages.
He owns an 2bedroom house in London which he shares with a flat-mate from Uni.
How much does he earn?
Being a post-graduate, David currently earns between
£14,000 and £24,000. He knows that the more
experience he gets the more his income will
David's Social Networking
David is on Facebook to keep in contact with his mates.
You can also find him on Twitter where he elaborates on his journalism.
Finally, David also has his own website where he continues to expand his portfolio.
What David Watches
David enjoys watching League of their own.
He is also subscribed to Sky Sports News.
He is also interested in watching Suits
He also follows BBC World News
He also watches match of the day
Mock the Week
Match of the Day
Russell Howard's Good News
When he is out of the office, David is very active and always on the move. This helps him stay in shape as he follows a lot of sports.
He wears smart clothes, shirt and tie. He shops for smart-casual at Topman and RiverIsland. He also shops from mainstream supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys.
He still meets the lads at the pub on a Friday night to watch the football. We're pretty certain he drinks Guinness!
Under 25s
Source: www.Clicky.co.uk
Source: www.NRS.co.uk
A Briefcase
Deals&Offers for Public Transport.
Sporting event Tickets
Mid-Range Digital Cameras
I-Phones 5c
& Accessories
Intellectual computer games
E.G. Brain Training
The Last of Us
English Housing Survey
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