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Motives of Betrayal Against Dantes

No description

Andrew Pham

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Motives of Betrayal Against Dantes

A Relateable Conflict
The Count of Monte Cristo
Motives of Betrayal

Andrew is awesome
Causes and Effects
Led Dantes to take revenge.
Made innocent people suffer/die.
Gave betrayers their own medicine.
Helped the count find happiness.

Wanted the Pharoan to himself
Was jealous of Edmond Dantes
First conspirator to covet Dantes
Wanted Dantes' woman
Reinforces idea of "one cannot simply have it all"
Further foreshadowing of Dantes' betrayal
Another protagonist who is self-serving
Contrasts to Edmond like the other conspirators
Completes foundation of self-service in antagonist trends
Hides what may or may not hurt him
Unfair/Evil sacrifice made
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