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The Republic of Austria Summative

International Business Summative

nicholas deligiannis

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of The Republic of Austria Summative

The Republic of
The Capital city of
Land of Mountains, Land by the River
Official language: German

Currency: Euro

Total Area: 83,855 km2

GDP per capita: $42,408

Population: 8,414,638
Heinz Fischer
Werner Faymann
-Assumed Office July 8th, 2004
- Re-elected April 25th, 2010
- Born October 9th, 1938
- Social Democratic Party
- Assumed office 2 December 2008
- Born 4 May 1960 (age 53)
- Social Democratic Party
Historic Area
Charles the Great
House of Babenberg
Habsburgs House
Hitler's entourage arrives in Vienna
Austria Top 10
10. Melk Abbey
9. Vienna State Opera
8. Seefeld, Tyrol
7. Hohensalzburg Castle
6. Hofburg Imperial Palace
5. Innsbruck Altstadt
4. St Anton am Arlberg
3. Grossglockner Alpine Road
2. Hallstatt
1. Schönbrunn Palace
Vienna Transit Map
Top 3 Hotels
The Ritz Carlton Vienna
1,500 euros per night
Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna
15,000 Euros per night
Hotel Imperial
869 Euros per night
64.8 %
Catholic Church
25.2 %
No Religion
Austria Top 5
#1 Daft Punk
#2 Safe and Sound
#3 Rosana - Wax
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Strauss Jr.
88.6% German
2.3% Turkish
1.6% Croatian
5.3% Others (Slovene and Hungarian)
Key Phrases
Ein bier, bitte ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One beer please.
Noch ein Bier, bitte ~~~~~~~~~~~ One more beer please
Ja (yah) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yes
Nien ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ No
Guten Morgen! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good Morning!
Guten Tag! or Hallo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello!
Auf Wiedersehen! (owf-VEEDer-zane)~~~~ Goodbye!
Wo ist die Toilette? (vo ist dee toy-LETa)~~~ Where is the restrooms?
While dining, keep your hands on the table. Putting your hands on your lap during dining is seen as rude.
To signal for a waiter in a restaurant, you should raise your hand with the index finger extended.
To wish someone good luck, make two fists (with your thumbs tucked inside the fists), and make as a gesture like you are slightly pounding on a table.
To specify the number "one", use your upright thumb.
A simple hand shake is deemed as good nature
Standard Business Practices
- The standard 9 to 5 business hours are widely accepted amongst major companies in Austria
- However shopping centres in major cities are often open from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 5 pm on weekends
- Bars in Vienna are allowed to be open until 6 am and last call is at 5:45 am
Austrian Do's and Don't of Business Etiquette
DO make the effort to communicate in German. Although English is widely spoken in the business environment, it is deemed as a good gesture for any attempt at speaking their language
DO greet everyone at a business meeting with a handshake upon entering and leaving the meeting. Wait for female counterparts to engage the handshake.
DO familiarize yourself with Austrian traditional culture, and history especially anything that demonstrates your awareness of the difference between Austria and Germany
DON"T jaywalk of disregard traffic laws as Austrians closely adhere to established laws as a part of their culture.
DON'T assume formality and rigidness in business implies lack of humor. In fact most Austrians pride themselves on their easy going attitudes as compared to their german counterparts.
DON'T bring up world war 2
1 Euro
1.35 Canadian Dollars
Austria Imports
machinery and equipment
motor vehicles
metal goods
oil and oil products
Austria Exports
machinery and equipment
motor vehicles and parts
paper and paperboard
metal goods
iron and steel
Main Import Partners
Germany 43.6%,
Italy 6.9%,
Switzerland 5.1%,
Netherlands 4.1%
Main Export Partners
Germany 28.9%,
Italy 8.4%,
United States 4.2%,
Switzerland 4.1%
- The home is a place of relaxation and therefore as a businessman you will not be invited to stay at your host's home
Major Austrian Companies
(Grocery Store)
(Mobile company)
Current Austrian News
Austria begins withdrawing Golan peacekeepers
The Austrians have patrolled the buffer zone between Israel and Syria as part of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force since it was set up in 1974.
But due to spillover fighting from the current Syrian conflict Austria has opted to pull its peacekeeping troops out of the area due to concerns over their wellbeing
Thousands flee flooding in central Europe
Water from the Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers rose above markers set in 1954, when the city suffered its worst flooding in living memory. Zillinger said levels would continue to rise throughout the day.
Peace, Order and Good Government
Austrian authorities reserve the right to close any road they deem necessary to protect against avalanche damage
Carry your passport or a photocopy of your passport at all times for proof of identity
Emergency service number is 112
Legal drinking age is 18
An arrest may be made in the country either with arrest warrant or without warrant.
A person may be arrested under Austrian law without an arrest warrant irrespective of the offence, if
he was caught in the act or immediately after the act of committing a criminal offense, or
he is or is likely to become a fugitive from justice, that is, depart Austria without official authorization, or
he has attempted, or is likely to attempt, to tamper with evidence or influence witnesses or persons accused in the same crime regarding their testimony or
he is likely to repeat or continue the crime charged.
However, a person suspected of having committed a criminal offense calling for a minimum sentence of ten years under the Austrian Criminal Code, such as murder, robbery, rape, kidnapping and arson, including an attempt at these crimes, must be arrested.
Canadian Embassy
Laurenzerberg 2, (3rd floor)
A-1010 Vienna, Austria
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