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Conquering brain freeze-Improving your memory and concentration

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Humber Learning Skills

on 29 October 2018

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Transcript of Conquering brain freeze-Improving your memory and concentration

Conquering Brain Freeze
Improving your memory and concentration

For student leaders (skip during presentation)
Which of the following are myths?
I can multi-task effectively as I study- e.g., watch a tv show while studying

It's best to study for as long as I can without any breaks to learn the material

I only need to read the material a few times to learn it

Failure should be avoided
All of these are myths!!!
Reflect on your current memory and concentration skills

Try out strategies to strengthen and improve your current skills
What distracts you?
What can you do about it?
New tv shows
Social media
People walking by
Feeling hungry
Feeling tired
Other things?

Do you force yourself to study
for hours and hours with no breaks?
It's more effective to:
Chunk information into smaller groups

Chunk your time- try studying for 20 minutes and taking a break, or 40 minutes and then a break. See what works for you

Review material in smaller chunks more frequently
When you multi-task , you are not paying full attention to any of the tasks. Reduce your distractions when you study.
Sometimes information just doesn't stick in your head.
Put your notes in a portable format for "on the go study"
Once your exam is completed and evaluated
Reflect on specific areas you did well/ did not do well and make changes

What can you do differently next time?
Were there topics you missed?
Did you study the right material?

Think about your overall exam prep
Did you feel rushed? Should you start earlier next time?
How much time did you need to settle down and study?

Do practice problems from the textbook!
Exam questions are often very similar to (or even the same as) exam questions

Do the textbook quizzes and review questions corresponding to the assigned readings and topics

Look for previous versions of the textbook in the library, and do those practice questions too

See if your textbook has online resources, there could be additional practice questions
Reflect on success and failure! And do better next time!
Make effective flash cards

front side
back side


| way to
answer | remember
Or write short summarized notes with neat writing/ colours/ highlight
Chunk the words into phrases to help you read faster and concentrate on the meaning of the text
Apply the same idea to stay focused when reading boring textbooks!
1) Stop your eye once on each phrase and read it with one look
As you know many different ways purpose of this is
2) Read the following phrase by phrase:
Concentration is demanding. Taking breaks can help. Vary the activity from time to time. Read for a little while, then switch to make notes.
Write down what you are thinking about to get out of your head faster so you can refocus
Sometimes your mind keeps wandering off but you NEED to study

Also try the "5 more rule"

5 more minutes of studying

5 more pages to read

5 more lines

Build up your stamina by pushing a bit past exhaustion
What tips do you have for memorizing information?
Mnemonics (never eat sour watermelons- north/ south/ east/ west)
Acronyms (e.g.PALS- peer assisted learning support)
Rhymes and songs
Visual image
Find examples of concepts, this can make them easier to remember

Interviewers often ask questions about your ability to learn new material and complete tasks on time to see if you can handle the job. Use examples from your time as a student to help answer the tough questions.

This job requires you to learn new procedures, how do you learn material quickly and efficiently?
You've got several projects on the go. How do you know what to do?
How do you know what you're doing is a good use of your time?
What causes you to waste time or be distracted? How do you deal with it?

When it comes to the dreaded question, "what is your weakness?", you could talk about challenges you faced BUT you engaged in workshops (like this one) to IMPROVE them!
Remember participating in this workshop counts towards your CCR
For example:
Self check: How am I feeling? Hungry? Thirsty? Anxious?
Do I have all the materials I need to study?

1) IMPORTANT: Evaluations can be done on paper or online (for those joining live stream)

To prepare for the workshop:
2) Go through the presentation, do the activities in the presentation.

3) Think about challenges you have faced with concentrating and memorizing information for courses. How did you deal with them? Share your experiences and you can ask students to share their thoughts too.

For example, I have a really hard time memorizing facts like dates, names, terms. Instead of looking at the material only before exam time, I stard to look through the material before class, after class, and review my study notes casually whenever I had time. The repeated exposure helped me remember the information.
Make it your own!

4) Have fun with it!

To help you stay focused, create a checklist right now to carry with you when you study (make it your own!)
Go through your checklist before you study so you are ready to go!
Fill out the evaluation and hand it in
Best of luck!
Action Plan
Instead of drinking coffee to concentrate,
think about how you remember non-school things:
How do you remember the lyrics to your favourite song? The storyline to a tv show/ movie?
Apply this to memorizing course content!
Discuss in your groups how you could do this.
Do you repeat it over and over?
Think about the meaning behind the words?
Have imagery to the words? (music videos/ show scenes)
Here is what some fans do on social media
Do the same for lectures
For those online, please go to the survey link in the chat box
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