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Cloud Energy

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Cloud Energy

Cloud Energy
Probs and Solution
How to...
With Results
Cited Sources
We plan to buy the needed supplies off e-bay and experiment but off course we'll do this outside of school because we don't have time left in the school year. But once we have the supplies we will run an experiment! Hopefully it will go according to plan and at the very least we will get water.
Once we get the results we will see if we could gather enough to spin a turbine and produce both water and electricity. Then we'd have to design or buy an existing generator to actually make a power.
Braden and I both have similar interests, I in efficient energy and clouds, and Braden in the Weather. So we teamed up to try and pull the abundance of energy found in clouds to power our country efficiently. MERICA'.
Clouds are a reusable energy source that if we took advantage of could
power a lot of homes and
supply clean water.
Here's how.

At first we wanted to harness energy directly from lightning, but we soon realized that we would have to distribute the energy in a matter of seconds. Which would likely fry any generator or cables... So we decided it would be better to harness the actual energy of the motion of the cloud. So we wanted to use a mesh to collect the water from the cloud that would go down a pipe and into a generator that would produce clean electricity and water.
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Future Goals
If successful we would want to share our discovery with as many people as possible and try to hook up with any companies (Like Ameren) wanting to fund us or investors. And we'd want to share with our community (Heyworth)!
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