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Marzano: Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback

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Mark Pappalardo

on 23 February 2011

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Transcript of Marzano: Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback

Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback Providing Feedback provide sutdent with an explanation of what they are doing
that is correct and what they doing is not correct the more delay that occurs in giving feedback, the less improvement there is in achievement criterion-referenced feedback tells students where they stand relative to a specific target of knowledge or skill students can track their own performance
as learning occurs. goal setting is the process of establishing a direction for learning Three Generalizations from Research 1. instructional goals narrow what students focus on 2. instructional goals should not be too specific 3. students should be encouraged to personalize the
teacher's goals set specific but flexible goals use of contracts Classroom Practice in Providing Feedback rubrics feedback tied to a specific type of knowledge or skill student-led feedback Goal Setting. 1. Feedback should be "corrective" in nature.

2. Feedback should be timely.

3. Feedback should be specific to a criterion.

4. Students can effectively provide some of their own feedback.
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