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The Newest and Best "Women's Rights Are Humans Rights" Rhetorical Analysis

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Dylan Felmlee

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of The Newest and Best "Women's Rights Are Humans Rights" Rhetorical Analysis

"Women's Rights Are Human Rights" Rhetorical Analysis Ethos:
I would like to thank the Secretary General for inviting me to be a part of this important United Nations Fourth Confrence on Women.

Earlier today, I participated in a World Health Organization forum... Tommorow, I will attend a gathering of the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

Over the past 25 years, I have worked persistently on issues relating to women,children, and families.

Over the past two and a half years, I've had the oppurtunity to learn more about the challenges facing women in my own country and around the world. Pathos:
"It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned or suffocated, or their spines broken, simply because they are born girls."

"It is a violation of human rights when women and girls are sold into the slavery of prostitution for human greed-and the kinds of reasons that are used to justify this practice should no longer be tolerated."

"It is a violation of human rights when women are doused with gasoline, set on fire, and burned to death because their marriage dowries are deemed to small."

It is a vilation of human rights when individual women are raped in their own communities and when thousands of women are subjected to rape as a tactic or prize of war."

"It is a violation of human rights when a leading cause of death worldwide among women ages 14 to 44 is the violence they are subjected to in their own homes."

"It is a volation of human rights when young girls are brutalized by the painful and degrading practice of genital mutilation."

"It is a vilation of human rights when women are denied the right to plan their own familes ." Summary:
strengthen families and societies by enpowering women to take a greater control over their own destinies. Central Idea :
The central idea of Hillary Clinton’s speech was to establish that women should be treated the same as every other human. Her goal is to put a stop to the unequal treatment of women all over the world. She addresses many accounts of evidence that are continuously occurring all over the world. Throughout her speech she provides examples of ethos, kairos, logos and pathos in order to support her central claim. Her main goal of this speech was to appeal to the audience and convince them that this unequal treatment is a huge deal that needs to be addressed all over the world. About the Author: Kairos: Logos : Hillary Clinton has always been in the shadow of her husband, Bill Clinton.
Despite challenging years of personal conflict and turmoil (including her husband's impeachment), she continued to do wonderful things for people and even ran for president later in life. Let me be clear. Freedom means the right of people to assemble, organize, and debate openly. It means respecting the views of those who may disagree with the views or their government. It means not taking citizens away from their loved ones and jailing them, mistreating them, or denying them their freedom or dignity because of the peaceful expression of their ideas or opinions.

Now it is the time to act on behalf of women everywhere. If we take bold steps to better the lives of women, we will be taking bold steps to better the lives of children and families too. Families rely on mothers and wives for emotional support and care. Families rely on women for labor in the home. And increasingly, everywhere, families rely on women for income needed to raise healthy children and care for other relatives.

As long as discrimination and inequities remain so commonplace everywhere in the world, as long as girls and women are valued less, fed less, fed last, overworked, underpaid, not schooled, subjected to violence in and outside their homes -- the potential of the human family to create a peaceful, prosperous world will not be realized. The use of Kairos is often implicit in Hillary's speech. Early on, the timeliness of her speech is delibrately understated, but crucial to the importance of the overall message.

The best instance of Kairos occurs here:

Tragically, women are most often the ones whose human rights are violated. Even now, in the late 20th century, the rape of women continues to be used as an instrument of armed conflict. Women and children make up a large majority of the world’s refugees. And when women are excluded from the political process, they become even more vulnerable to abuse. I believe that now, on the eve of a new millennium, it is time to break the silence. It is time for us to say here in Beijing, and for the world to hear, that it is no longer acceptable to discuss women’s rights as separate from human rights. Reception
Clinton accused of implicating China for the violation of rights against women.
Censored from Chinese tv stations.
Human rights are womens rights and womens rights are human rights once and for all. the right to speak freely and the right to be heard. Evidence and Statistics
Women comprise more than half the world’s population, 70% of the world’s poor, and two-thirds of those who are not taught to read and write.

It is a violation of human rights when a leading cause of death worldwide among women ages 14 to 44 is the violence they are subjected to in their own homes by their own relatives.

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