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Athens Times

No description

Max Krikorian

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Athens Times

Athens Times
Pandora's Corner
Recent Tragedies
A couple of nights ago at the Procrustes Inn there was several murders involving Procrustes himself. Police Investigated the situation after getting phone calls saying there were several dead bodies. The Police later found out that Procrustes murdered the victims. Luckily police officer Theseus (son of zeus) took down the maniac Procrustus.
Zeus' 7 day forecast
This week will be a very up and down as predicted by our forecasts. Saturday and Sunday will be very hot with a high of 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be colder with it raining on Tuesday. Thursday,Friday and Saturday will be moderate remaining at 78 to 80 degrees as the high.
Hermes Express
Welcome to Hermes Express, we will be showing you the most suitable locations for your interest. Here are the three best locations for your next vacation Greece.

Ares' War Rumors
It looks as though Zeus is starting an uprising on the titans. The titans and god war would be called the titanomachy. If this ar was to indeed happen it would be a gruesome and epic war and the winner would be the ruler of the world and would rule the world.
Demeter's agriculture
It looks as though grapes are in season and they will be made into delicious and tasty wines. Another crop in season right now is grecce's great barley. The barley is great for beer. Another crop in season right now is the wheat. The wheat is a great thing that makes things like bread, pasta and much more. The last crop and a very important one was the olives. Olives were good such as olive oil.

When grapes are done you can pluck them off the vine or you can stuff the grape leaves with meat and you can make a delicious greek dish as an entre or as the appetizer.

With barley you can put it in many things, but your best bet is to put the barley in a salad. The taste of the barley compliments the taste of the salad. Be sure that the salad will get an extra kick due to the barley.

Another crop that you can use in your daily life is wheat. You can use your wheat to making something tasty like pita bread. Toast the pita bread to make pita chips and dip it in greek yogurt and enjoy a tasty treat.

Wine made from Greek grapes
Apollo's rising artist
A rising artist in Greece is the one and only Eurydice. After his marriage his wife died after being bitten by a snake. This propelled him into a deep depression causing him to create a new genre of music. This new genre of music is a sad type of music. This type of music is projected to be very popular for a long time to come.

The reason he makes the sad type of music is that
after his wife died Eurydice ventured into the underworld to get his wife back. He went in there and he passed many challenges and got to Hades.

When he got to Hades he was with his wife Persephone. Eurydice begged and begged for his wife back but Hades denied it. So Eurydice sang a song so beautiful and sad that it made Persephone cry and Hades gave her back under one condition.

Hades said only if Eurydice walks out without looking behind him will he get his wife back. Unfortunately at the last
second he looked back and his wife was

Photo of Eurydice coming out of the underworld
Image shows Procrustes stabbing victim
The first location is the beautiful and exotic Athens, Greece. In Athens you can sip whine while enjoying the Athens skyline or visit The Acropolis of Athens (A beautiful hilltop temple monument). Or go shop at the Plaka, a beautiful marketplace with music, arts and churches. Or visit the Parthenon, an iconic 5th BC Athenian temple.


The second location is the beautiful and also exotic Thessaloniki, Greece. Thessaloniki is home of the White Tower a exhibit in landmark tower. Or visit the arch of Galerius and Rotunda a monument of culture and history.
Thessaloniki Greece

The third location is the gorgeous Patras, Greece. Home of the Roman Odeon where they host musical performances and theatrical performances. Another great sight was Achaia Clauss, a historical winery that you can sit back and enjoy some wine.
Patras, Greece
This war would be such a big war that it would cause huge damage in the hierarchy of the gods and could possibly throw the world in the hands of the god.
Beautiful day on Greek shore
Pandora is the first woman created and was given a box. The box was full of bad things that when it was opened spread chaos into the world which is why she is related to chaos and tragedies.
Zeus was the most powerful god and had the ability throw thunder bolts. He could also control the weather causing rain and huge storms.
Lost Hermes' shoes
reward 5,000 Euros
if found call:
1(800) 777-olympus

Poseidon's car wash
"your car will be spotless or your money back"
Hermes' shoes
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