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Programming 2013

No description

Leslie Barger

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Programming 2013

Goals of Programming

Purposes of Programming

A Six Step Model for Effective Programming
Why A Program Fails
Comments, Concerns?

Levels of Programming
One to One
Roommate to Roommate
Friend to Friend
Friend to Foe
Classmate to Classmate
Staff to Student
Instructor to Student
To create a relaxed atmosphere in which students may meet one another and strengthen already established relationships.
To introduce students to topics which they know very little about as well as explore in depth interests already held by students.
To offer students a chance to sharpen their own leadership and communication skills.
To give students the opportunity to meet formally and informally with outside resource people.
To serve as learning situations in which student leaders work to create a worthwhile experience for their peers.
To aid in the adjustment of a student to college life.
To make students aware of the needs, interests, and desires of those in and our of the University Community.
To supplement and make more valuable the academic course work that students are involved in.
To encourage students to heighten their self-awareness.
Needs Assessment
Idea Formulation
Program Planning
Program Implementation
Poor Design
Choosing A Poor Location
Poor Publicity
Choosing a poor facilitator
Not gaining support of colleagues
Unprepared facilitator
Murphy's Law
Not following procedures
Program runs too long
To develop community.
To Educate.
To involve students in their own learning.
To provide an outlet for the release of emotions.
"So long as instruction and life do not merge in our colleges, so long as what the undergraduates do and what they are taught occupy two separate, air-tight compartments in their consciousness, so long will the college be in ineffectual." -Woodrow Wilson
Small Group
Interest Groups
Coffee Houses
Team Events
Large Group
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