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Native American Medicine

No description

Elizabeth Hammond

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Native American Medicine

By: Elizabeth Hammond Native American Medicine Medicine Man Herbs There are many different ways to become a medicine man (or woman).
John Pope, better known as Rolling Thunder, is a Cherokee Medicine Man.
He looks not only at the disease but the person's "spirit" to find a treatment. Combination of Western and
Native American Medicine Native Americans are at a higher risk for diseases such as diabetes.
Due to traditional healing not working efficiently, organizations such as The Association of American Indian Physicians wish to improve medicine without jeopardizing all the traditions.
In order to change treatment they must keep the basis of Native American treatment, which is a combination of mind, body, and spirit. Introduction Native American medicine is not even medicine at all but is described as "many ideas and sensations."
The whole word was medicine and could cause good or ill. Herbs are used in many medical practices
Native Americans were very respectful towards the environment when collecting herbs. Other Medical Practices Sweat lodges
bleeding as therapy
smoke treatment Medical Ceremonies Certain dances such as the Sun Dance were used to help healers merge closer with their healing powers and to prepare them for a supernatural journey.
Sacrificial Ceremonies
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