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The Selfridges HRM Case Study

No description

Timi Odeyemi

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of The Selfridges HRM Case Study

Any Questions? Thank you. To become the best and most exciting department store in Europe by meeting the needs of customers in a unique and theatrical way whilst maximising operational efficiency. Vision Staff seen essential for this achievement

New approach to leadership and management style

People management to now be handled by managers instead of HR department

New and more accurate performance measures (KPI’s) Selfridges People Management All stakeholders made more aware of company goals

HR initiatives adopted to facilitate changes(surveys, employee focus groups, new performance appraisal system)

Performance based progression introduced

Mystery shopper program Selfridges People Management Trafford park Manchester store opened as test bed for development

Workforce comprising staff employed both directly and by concessionaires presented strong management challenges

Bulk of new staff hired in managerial and team leader positions

Selfridges soon discovered that many of these people did not fit with the company values New Store Opens Recruitment process changed to focus on employee attitude and behaviour rather than experience

HR department relegated to support function with employee training handled by line managers

Communication became major emphasis

Survey showed drastic improvement in staff commitment and performance – high levels of job satisfaction achieved New HR Policies at Trafford Park Surveys did not show improvement in team leader performance/performance appraisal system

Performance appraisal process linked to succession planning (career opportunities)

Improvement achieved in team leaders leading to overall satisfaction and commitment in all staff levels Team Leaders Team leaders also handed greater responsibility (interview, advice, selection, KPIs, coaching and counselling) after rigorous training

Other efforts to assure team leader performance include development reviews, weekly meetings and floor walks by sales managers

Defining team leader role acclaimed success by the store Team Leaders Pygmalion Effect ‘Special case of self fulfilling prophecy in which raising managers expectations regarding worker performance boost that performance’(Eden, 1990, p. 394) Pygmalion Effect - Definition Effect proven viable in whole work groups

Pygmalion concept may be practiced on Selfridges managers and team leaders

Effect being improved performance in team leaders and floor staff due to higher expectation Pygmalion Effect
on Selfridges An Organisational Turnaround The Selfridges Case Study Timi Odeyemi Pel Agboola
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