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Tsunami in Ise Bay, Japan

No description

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Tsunami in Ise Bay, Japan

How tsunamis form:
An earthquake generates a tsunami if it is of sufficient force and there is violent movement of the earth to cause substantial and sudden displacement of a massive amount of water
Ise Bay, Japan
January 18, 1586
Scientist measured this event with DART
Estimated cost of damage
Number of deaths:
Tsunami in Ise Bay, Japan
Number of injuries:
How to prepare for a Tsunami
There's really no way you can prepare for a tsunami. If you know its coming then the only thing you can do is evacuate.
How people was affected.
People lost their homes some even lost their lives.
People can bring food, water,Ect.
They learned how to prepare for it.
Human Factors:
This event was not caused by global warming.
$5-$24 million
By: Brianna Earls
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