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Majors & Careers

No description

John Hinds

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Majors & Careers

Majors & Careers
Marine biologists must acquire the appropriate math and science skills through education and experience and hone their communication skills, both writing and speaking. They must also have active listening skills, so they give full attention to what other people are expressing, without interrupting them,
Animal Behavior and Ethology
Course Sequence
Content Knowaldge/ Possible Majors
Animal Behavior and Ethology
Animal Physiology
Marine Sciences
Wildlife Biology
Wildlife, Fish and Wildlands Science and Management
Zoology/Animal Biology, Other
Zoology/Animal Biology
Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, their behaviors and their interactions with the environment.
Marine Biology
Wildlife Technician

Wildlife technicians do whatever it takes to help wildlife biologists and conservation scientists. These scientists make management decisions about wild animals and natural resources. Technicians help them gather data and carry out their plans.
Related Majors

Active Listening, Science, Critical Thinking, Writing, Reading Comprehension, Speaking, Judgment and Decision Making, Active, Learning, Coordination, Complex Problem Solving, Monitoring, Systems Analysis, Time Management, Systems Evaluation, Social, Perceptiveness, Instructing, Service Orientation, Operation Monitoring, Persuasion, Negotiation, Learning Strategies, Mathematics, Management of Personnel Resources, Quality Control Analysis
Marine Sciences
Content Knowaldge
Students will acquire broad-based content knowledge of Biology, namely: understanding the characteristics that unite living organisms; understanding diversity of life; understanding the similarities and differences among organisms, i.e., systematics; understanding the relationship between structure and function at all levels of organization; understanding the physical and chemical properties of organisms and processes that occur in living things; understanding the cellular basis of life; understanding the nature and function of the gene and the flow of genetic information in the cell, the organism, and the population; understanding homeostatic control mechanisms that allow organisms to respond to changes in the internal and external environment; understanding the interdependence and interrelationships among organisms and between organisms and their environment; understanding the origin of life and the process of evolution; understanding the historical background leading to contemporary views on major biological topics and awareness of the dynamic processes of scientific inquiry.
Related Careers
Commercial fisherman

Underwater archaeologist
Course Sequence
Marine sciences
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