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Compare and Contrast Napoleon and Hitler

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Jaimie Martin

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast Napoleon and Hitler

Comparing and Contrasting Napoleon and Hitler by: Jaimie Martin
Napoleon Bonaparte
* Napoleon was born on August 15, 1769 in Corsica, an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
* He was the most controversial leader in the nineteenth century.
* His family was very poor but they had blood connections with famous French conquerors so he went to a very important military school.
* After incredible victories over Austrians and Italians, his fame and hero status rose.
* After that, he conquered most of Egypt.
* People were amazed by his rise to glory and it shook the world.

* There are more similarities than differences between Hitler and Napoleon
* Both men weren't of direct origin of the country they ruled
* Hitler and Napoleon both set up concentration camps for political prisoners
* They both conquered part of Europe
* Also they weren't prepared for the winter while they took their armies across Europe, because of this they were defeated by the icy Russian winters and were driven back after the reached Moscow.
* Each man also tried to avoided war in the west.
* Napoleon and Hitler was also underestimated, invaded and failed, and didn't have enough committed soldiers.
* Also, the end of their careers were the same: they ended in catastrophes.
* Even though Hitler and Napoleon's existences took place over a century apart, Hitler admired Napoleon and tried to be like him.
* Europeans don't feel the same disgust for Napoleon as they do for the memory of Hitler.
* Napoleon was hated but Hitler was hated even more.
* Hitler had to work to get into army because he had no connections with the European government, but Napoleon grew up in a noble class and was put into the army.
* Their education and political agendas were not the same.
* Hitler used a fast approach on Russia with large force, but Napoleon didn't because the only available transportation at the time were buggies and horses.
* Their largest difference was their plans for the Jews.
* Napoleon thought the Jewish beliefs should totally be wiped out, while Hitler only put them in concentration camps and killed them, he didn't want to totally wipe out their beliefs.
* Hitler and Napoleon weren't all that different, but they had some different perspectives on things.
Adolf Hitler
* Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria.
* He is debated to be the most controversial leader of the twentieth century.
* Hitler was a soldier in WWI and was very serious when it came to war.
* Later, after the war, Hitler joined a very small Nationalist group who were street fighting and brought terror to many places.
* He put Jews in concentration camps and killed millions of them
* No one could compare to the scope and size of his crime.

* Hitler and Napoleon had the same experiences and wanted the same thing.... power!
* Hitler looked up to Napoleon and wanted to be like him.
* He liked Napoleon so much that he didn't realize all of the mistakes that Napoleon made while trying to conquer Europe and Russia.
* Napoleon and Hitler, being the same type of leader, faced the same hardships and conflicts.
* These two men proved that people can be like each other and have the same military expeditions no matter how far apart it is in years.
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