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Can Slope Really Plan my Wedding?

No description

Sally Gregory

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Can Slope Really Plan my Wedding?

The Cake
The Food
The Location
o Plan wedding
o $10,000 is the budget
o Have to invite 250 people

The Math Behind the Magic!
$10,000 = m(250)+$4000
M= 6000/250
M= $24 per plate

My Driving Question
 How much money can I spend on my guests for dinner at my wedding?
Can Slope Really Plan my Wedding?
What do all of the letters mean?

Y= my total cost of my wedding
M= the price per plate for dinner
X= the number of guests
B= the set expenses (flowers, dress, location)

The Dress and Accessories
$24 per plate
The Flowers
The Bridesmaids Dresses
The Rings
By Mackenzie Brooks
My Formula
So when you're planning your wedding, don't forget about slope!
Oh! Don't forget to keep a journal of your wedding plans like I did!
Fun fact: Diamond engagement rings first marketed by DeBeers diamond company in 1939.
Fun fact: Brides would carry bouquets to ward off evil spirits.
Fun fact: Bridesmaids are intended to help the bride to prepare herself on her wedding day.
Fun Fact: Traditionally, wedding cakes were served as a wedding day breakfast to bring good luck to all who attended the wedding.
Fun Fact: We think white is the sign of virginity, blue was actually attached to virtue.
Queen Elizabeth started the trend of wearing white because she wanted to highlight some lace that she was extremely fond of.
- Choice of chicken wings or tenders
-Mashed Potatoes

Total Estimated Cost
for Dinner
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