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Arizona by Sandy

No description


on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Arizona by Sandy

Road Trip distance
Denver to Kitt's peak: 941 miles
Kitt's peak to Phoenix: 150 miles
Phoenix to Tombstone: 184 miles
Tombstone to Grand Canyon: 412 miles
Grand Canyon to Meteor Crater: 130 miles
Meteor Crater to Denver: 734 miles
Total distance: 2,551 miles
Fun facts of Arizona
History of Arizona
1752: The first American settlement is started (Tubac)
1854: The first copper is found in Arizona
1863: Arizona territory is established
1867: Phoenix is founded
1881: The OK Corral gunfight takes place in Tombstone
1912: Arizona becomes the 48th state on Valentines day
1988: Rose Mofford becomes Arizona's first female governer
Economic location of Arizona
Geography of Arizona
There are 3 areas of Arizona: the Colorado Plateau, Central mountain, and the Basin and Range region. The Colorado plateau is mostly highlands. The Central Mountain area has many steep mountains, and pine forests. The Basin and Range area is mostly desert and desert basins.
Arizona by Sandy
Government of Arizona
Capitol: Phoenix
Abbreviation: AZ
Governor: Jan Brewer (republican)
U.S. Senators: Jeff Flake (republican) and John McCain (republican)
Economy of Arizona
Arizona makes a lot of money off of: aeronautical products, electronics, cotton, grains, fruits, and vegetables. It also makes money off the Grand Canyon. Arizona makes enough cotton to make each person in the U.S. more than one pair of jeans
My economic location is the Grand Canyon. This is because lots of tours of the canyon make the state money. Many tourists from around the world come to see it.The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, and 18 miles wide.
Historical location
My historical location is Tombstone, Arizona. I chose Tombstone because in 1881, the famous OK Corral gunfight happened. 9 people fought, 3 people were killed, and 2 people were wounded. In 2010 the population was 1,380. Tombstone was founded in 1879 by Ed Scheifflen.
1. 6th largest state
2. 15th most populous state
3. Sometimes called the Grand Canyon State
4. The Grand canyon is one of the 7 wonders of the world
5. Yuma has 332 days of sun
6. The world's largest telescope is in Kitt's peak
7. Arizona has towns called Christmas and Santa Claus.
8. Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona
9. Population: 6,553,255
10. State gemstone: turquoise
11. Arizona is 113,998 square miles large
12. Arizona can have both the highest and lowest temperatures in the nation in one day
13. Arizona has 3,928 mountains. (More than any other state)
14. Billy The Kid killed his first victim in Bonita, Arizona
15. The original London Bridge was dismantled, fixed, and sent back stone by stone in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Geographical location
I chose Meteor Crater, Arizona as my
geographical location. This is because a meteor crashed there. That makes a big crater, which could interest a geographer. Meteor Crater is 1,200 meters wide, and 170 meters deep.
Political location
My political location is Phoenix.
Phoenix is the capital of Arizona.
Phoenix has 1,445,632 people, and is the largest city in Arizona. In 2001, Phoenix had more car thefts than any other city.
Fun location
My fun location is Kitt's peak national
observatory. Kitt's peak has 24 optical telescopes, and 2 radio telescopes. It is 56 miles away from Tucson, Arizona. Kitt's peak has the most optical telescopes in the world.
4 maps of Arizona
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